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2 thoughts on “Welcome — Click Here to Get Started

  • JD Black


    I just read your article on jeans. I’m wearing the Wranglers but I just bought Levi’s 505’s. I used to buy nothing but 501’s. Now I’m 67 and I think my taste must be improving, well I guess I’m sure it is improving. I quit drinking Bud Lite a few years ago. Anyway, you’ve convinced me to switch to Wranglers. The Levi’s just aren’t doing it for me anymore.
    BTW I graduated from Stevenson College in 1978 with a BA in Philosophy. That is even hard for me to believe.
    JD Black

    • Eric Johnson


      Thank you, JD! I’d say just about anyone who went to UCSC learned to chart their own path… Glad you found the jeans info useful. It’s never too late to learn new tricks.

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