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5 Reasons to Get a Nook HD Plus Tablet Now

The Nook HD Plus (Nook HD+) is a highly-rated tablet computer made by Barnes and Noble that you can use for reading books and magazines, email, browsing the Web, watching movies and TV, accessing your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), listening to music, playing games, watching YouTube videos, and running apps from Google Play. […]

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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (24)

The relaxed reader below reminded me of all the dads who sometimes just want to be left in peace to read the paper (the sports or financial pages, which this cat is checking out).  Since Sunday is Father’s Day, maybe he’ll even get to do that…     Then again, maybe not.  Because it’s so […]

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Beer Gifts for Dad

You know what your dad would like for Father’s Day?  Beer.  Craft beer.  Microbrews.  Small-production ales, lagers, and stouts.  Something new in the beer-line every month. That’s what the Craft Beer Club is all about.  When it comes to gifts for guys, an assortment of 12 or 24 special craft bottles (or cans) of beer […]