Walter White as Heisenberg Breaking Bad Action Figure Read more

Walter White as Heisenberg Action Figure from “Breaking Bad”

A lot of guys are having fun today at the San Diego Comic Con.  So, in honor of this stupendous international convention where all things fantastical and entertaining are celebrated, I’m posting an action figure available from Entertainment Earth:  drug kingpin Heisenberg (aka Walter White) from the television series Breaking Bad. This 6-inch action figure […]

“Breaking Bad” Returns Tonight Read more

“Breaking Bad” Returns Tonight

Who would have thought that a show about a nebbish becoming a drug dealer would last for 3 seasons?  AMC, that’s who.  If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad — the edgiest, grittiest, most blackly humorous television series over the last couple of years — you have the chance to begin tonight, as season 3 caroms onto the […]