If I Had a Hammer… Read more

If I Had a Hammer…

I’d hammer in the mornin’.  But not too early because my neighbor works 60 hours a week and he doesn’t want me pounding nails when he’s trying to sleep on the weekend. Every man needs a hammer.  (Really, you don’t want to have to borrow one from your neighbor.)  And since you need one, why not […]

Kitchen Knives for a Lifetime of Cooking Adventures Read more

Kitchen Knives for a Lifetime of Cooking Adventures

The single most common use for knives these days is in the kitchen.  If you’re cooking, you will definitely need a knife or two.  So, what is the best kitchen cutlery?  You will know after reading this review of high-quality knives to accompany your cooking adventures.  Plus you’ll find out about accessories to help optimize […]

KA-BAR U. S. Marine Corps Fighting/Utility Knife Read more

Survival Knives

You can handle any knife-related survival tasks with one of the knives reviewed below.  These are survival knives you can count on.  Each of them is a classic intended to do one thing:  help you stay alive. If you actually find yourself out in the wilderness trying to survive… …then you’ll want a knife made to […]