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The One Tool Every Bicyclist Needs: A Floor Pump

Anybody who rides a bike knows that you have to put air in the tires fairly frequently.  This is the one maintenance task that every cyclist, from a 7-year-old kid to Bradley Wiggins, must perform on his bike.  The handling of your bicycle — traction, cornering, and the quality of the ride — is determined […]

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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (11)

As you’re no doubt aware, a bunch of gun-control bills have passed in Colorado this week, while further restrictions are being considered at the federal level and in other states.  Here’s a pic for people on both sides of the debate…     Myself, I tend to be a contrarian.  With respect to a given […]

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Every Guy Should Have Some Bolt Cutters

Sure, someday you might have to use bolt cutters to cut through a fence to get into a compound to rescue a beautiful damsel in distress, just like they do in those movies where the guys never have a problem finding all-black outfits, but in the meantime, a set of reliable bolt cutters is  a handy thing […]

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The Coolest Movie and TV Swords and Knives

You’ll have a chance to impersonate a character you admire on October 31 without fear of social ostracism and, in support of that, here are a bunch of high-quality replica swords and knives you might want to equip yourself with in order to increase your authenticity.  Plus, you know, giving anyone a katana automatically makes them […]

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Hey, Gardeners, It’s Planting Time

Here you’ll find everything you need to start your garden, whether you’re growing vegetables, flowers, herbs, or a combination of plants.  Here you can obtain seeds, gardening tools, containers, soil, information…  Everything but a green thumb. However, if you take advantage of the informational resources linked to below, you’ll eventually develop the green thumb, too.  […]