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Lugz Still Makes Stylish, Practical Footwear

You don’t need a celebrity to tell you what brands of stuff to buy.  Geez, if you did, no one would ever buy Orvis waders or Weber grills.  Those companies do just fine without celebrity endorsers to drive sales because their products work — and have been working for quite awhile. The same goes for […]

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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (25)

It’s the first day of summer!  And Friday!  Two reasons for this Friday pic to make you smile…   In honor of this combination of summery goodness, who better than a Reef girl to remind us what summer is all about? One thing summer is about is laid-back, cool, comfortable clothing and footwear, whether you’re […]

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Flannel Shirts Updated and Improved

Probably just about every guy in the United States has at least one flannel shirt in his closet.  Associated with manly pursuits such as outdoor labor, farming, and woodcraft, flannel fabric has been around for about 500 years.  It is used to make everything from warm, cozy sheets to plaid lumberjack shirts.  But now it’s […]

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Get Your Guy a Winter Outfit

Ladies, this post is for you.  Maybe your boyfriend or husband has a birthday coming up and you’re considering gift possibilities.   What would be cool to get your Capricorn or Aquarius or Pisces guy?  And then there’s Valentine’s Day, which is another opportunity to find something unique and interesting he would enjoy. The operative word […]

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How to Get a Good Discount On Perry Ellis Men’s Clothing and Accessories

Perry Ellis offers one of the most complete collections of high-quality, affordable men’s fashion, clothing, and accessories online.  Everything in their men’s store harmonizes with their design philosophy of function, relaxed style, and classic look.  You can get just about anything you want from Perry Ellis when it comes to clothes for your everyday roles […]