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Jennifer Lawrence is Cool…

…and apparently Hollywood press people are complete idiots. We already knew that Jennifer Lawrence can act.  You don’t get nominated for two Academy Awards for best actress by the age of 22 without being, you know, capable.  What we didn’t know is that, in addition to being talented and smart, Jennifer is also down-to-earth, funny, […]

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Good News Regarding Outdoor Specialty Footwear: Prices Won’t Be Going Up on Brands Such as La Sportiva

The outdoor gear and apparel industry — and makers of outdoor specialty footwear in particular — dodged a financial bullet this week when the Obama administration dropped opposition to the renewal of several miscellaneous tariff bills (MTBs) that affect footwear made outside the United States and imported for sale. If the MTBs had been allowed […]

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Free T-shirt from ThinkGeek for April Fools

Is the offer of a free T-shirt from ThinkGeek for April Fools an April Fool?  No!  I mean — yes, they will give you a hip, free T-shirt if you buy $15 worth of stuff!  Whatazüper deal! ThinkGeek is, of course, where thoughtful geeks go to shop and think.  And right now, you can get a free T-shirt […]

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Cheap 2011 Calendars

Some of the best 2011 calendars are on sale now for a good discount at  These are the cheapest calendars you can get for this year.  (On April 19, use coupon code SPRING to get half off ALL 2011 calendars that aren’t already marked down.) This sale of 2011 calendars will only last for a […]