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Get a Strong Core in Just 4 Minutes a Day

Many exercise physiologists and trainers think that developing and maintaining core strength is the best foundation not only for playing a sport but for general muscular well-being. The muscles of the core — the trunk of the body from the sternum to the pelvic floor — is involved in virtually every movement that you do.  […]

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The Only 3 Nutritional Supplements You Need to Take

Should most men be taking nutritional supplements?  As with many matters relating to eating, nutrition, and health, the best answer is:  it depends.  It depends on your age, your level of activity, your genetic makeup, whether you are currently dealing with health problems, your philosophy about food versus supplementation, and especially what you are eating […]

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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (7)

Here’s a fit babe for today’s Friday pic…     When the New Year started, did you make a resolution to get in shape?  How’s it going? Sure, it’s fun to look at the woman in this photo, but if you’re already starting to slack on your fitness goals, use it as motivation to keep […]

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Find Your Chocolate Heaven

Now that chocolate has been officially labeled as “healthy,” you can eat as much as you want.  Not that that really made a difference to those of us who enjoy it — we would have had some anyway.  But it’s better to enjoy it without guilt. Here’s a review of some outstanding places to get some of […]