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When Faced with the Absurdities of Human Civilization, There Are Two Things You Can Do, One Positive, One Negative

When you hear about an event like the bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday — or, worse, directly experience it yourself — there’s a momentary response that can occur, a split-second thought and associated feeling that often flashes through the mind before other questions and objectifying rational analysis set in. The feeling/thought is:  that’s absurd. […]

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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (11)

As you’re no doubt aware, a bunch of gun-control bills have passed in Colorado this week, while further restrictions are being considered at the federal level and in other states.  Here’s a pic for people on both sides of the debate…     Myself, I tend to be a contrarian.  With respect to a given […]

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You Want to Be Sovereign in Your Own Life

Basically, all men want to be sovereign in their own life.  They want to rule it. Never mind the premise that only certain men are born to rule or are capable of conquest or embody the passion to be a dictator. Everyone fundamentally desires this. Other ways to say this are:  to be master of […]

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Decorating Ideas for Guys at ModCloth

It’s a pretty good bet that you haven’t heard of ModCloth, the site that is a staple of women shoppers dedicated to vintage-inspired, retro, indie clothing.  I mean, raise your hand if you’ve heard of ModCloth…  Anyone?  Anyone? That’s what I thought. But there are reasons for you to know about it because, while ModCloth […]

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Perhaps You’re Not in a “Team” Phase in Your Life

When it comes to your current economic situation, perhaps you think you’ve been playing by the rules and yet find that you are not prospering. Maybe you’re one of the 20 million unemployed Americans.  You might be hunting for a job, doing all the things they say you’re supposed to do:  résumés, cover letters, networking, […]