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An Outdoor Gear Brand You Can Count On: Arc’teryx

  Some brands build a track record of performance and high quality over time.  They inspire fanatical customer loyalty.  They become known for doing things the right way. When you find one of these companies — a company whose products exceed expectations and often surprise you with their effectiveness — you tend to appreciate just […]

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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (33)

Many kids went back to school this week. Here’s a Friday pic of a woman who’s expressing how most of those kids feel about that…       Public school is a kind of prison we stick kids into for 12 years of their life.  It’s a wonder that so many of them manage to […]

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Free T-shirt from ThinkGeek for April Fools

Is the offer of a free T-shirt from ThinkGeek for April Fools an April Fool?  No!  I mean — yes, they will give you a hip, free T-shirt if you buy $15 worth of stuff!  Whatazüper deal! ThinkGeek is, of course, where thoughtful geeks go to shop and think.  And right now, you can get a free T-shirt […]

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Some Good Bags to Carry Your Stuff

The wheel is regarded as one of the landmark inventions, but for my money the guy that created the first bag was pretty damn smart. Think about it:  before the bag, humans could only schlepp what they could carry in their hands, and that’s not much if you’re a nomadic hunter-gatherer.  But once you had […]