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My Favorite Recipe for Roast Turkey

The following recipe for slow-roasted turkey is probably the easiest way of cooking a turkey.  Novices looking for their first “How to cook a turkey” recipe will appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of this method, while experts who already have a favorite Thanksgiving turkey recipe may find that the results are even better than their […]

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Get Sweet Chocolate-Covered Peeps for Easter

Sweet!  Easter is the time of year when most people indulge their craving for Peeps, the popular marshmallow candy that has been hatching in the spring for over 50 years.  Marshmallow Peeps are a classic American candy, have inspired a cult following, and now appear in numerous variations year-round — including tasty Chocolate-covered Bunny Peeps […]

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Sure, Your Mom Would Appreciate Flowers for Mother’s Day — But What About Something Sorta Different?

Don’t get me wrong — flowers are good and you know she’d love them.  But why not go beyond the usual Mother’s Day gift ideas and give your mom something different and more memorable?  Here are some suggestions, and where to get them… Okay, if you’re really committed to flowers, let’s cover that first.  You can still […]