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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (30)

Here’s some stuff you might like on this pleasant summer Friday…     Ah, Ron Swanson.  There’s no substitute for his wry observations and wise advice.  He lives life on his own terms. The character of Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman) is one of the prime reasons Parks and Recreation has been called the […]

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Walter White as Heisenberg Action Figure from “Breaking Bad”

A lot of guys are having fun today at the San Diego Comic Con.  So, in honor of this stupendous international convention where all things fantastical and entertaining are celebrated, I’m posting an action figure available from Entertainment Earth:  drug kingpin Heisenberg (aka Walter White) from the television series Breaking Bad. This 6-inch action figure […]

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“Justified” Returns Tonight for Season 4

There are two kinds of guys in the world:  those who have seen the television show Justified and think it’s terrific, and those who haven’t seen it. If you haven’t caught it yet, tonight is your chance to watch one of the best dramas on TV when FX brings back this gritty, witty tale of […]

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The Coolest Movie and TV Swords and Knives

You’ll have a chance to impersonate a character you admire on October 31 without fear of social ostracism and, in support of that, here are a bunch of high-quality replica swords and knives you might want to equip yourself with in order to increase your authenticity.  Plus, you know, giving anyone a katana automatically makes them […]