Padme Amidala snow bunny statue side view Read more

Star Wars Padme Amidala “Snow Bunny” Statue

When the International Comic Con is happening, many companies announce new products related to comics, science fiction series, and movies.  Of course, Star Wars is one of the most popular stories that generates cool new action figures, toys, and collectibles every so often.  And this month is no exception.  Star Wars collectors — and you […]

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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (22)

Not only is it Friday, which is a good thing in itself, it’s an out-of-the-ordinary Friday in Denver.  Why?  Because the Denver Comic Con starts today! Are you already there? Even if you’re not, today’s Friday pic to make you smile is right in line with that event…     She’s a comic book fan […]

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Jennifer Lawrence is Cool…

…and apparently Hollywood press people are complete idiots. We already knew that Jennifer Lawrence can act.  You don’t get nominated for two Academy Awards for best actress by the age of 22 without being, you know, capable.  What we didn’t know is that, in addition to being talented and smart, Jennifer is also down-to-earth, funny, […]

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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (8)

This Sunday the best movies of 2012 will be celebrated at the Academy Awards.  Unfortunately, there is no category for the sexiest performers of the year.  But there should be. Below are my two nominations for the hottest female characters of 2012:  Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises and Scarlett Johannson as […]

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A Map of The Shire

When you read The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien, it is easy to find yourself wanting to visit The Shire, the homeland in Middle Earth of the hobbits.  Or maybe you’ve seen The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey within the last few months and enjoyed the bucolic charm of Bilbo Baggins’s neighborhood (shot in New […]

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An Unusual Confluence of Manly Movies

When it comes to manly movies, something unusual occurred in recent months — several films came out and are now playing (and have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture) that focus on male characters in mature, thought-provoking, diverse ways.  When I say “manly movies,” I don’t mean the usual action-film fare that is considered […]