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You want to accomplish some things in your life.  Chances are you’ll need gear to do it — some tools, some technology.  And knowledge. 

Tools assist you in your various roles as a man.

Since you’re going to have to buy and own a few things along the way, why not surround yourself with the best stuff, as well as style that inspires you?

Guys seeking the best of everything will find it here.  Often for less.

By using the reviews and info here when you shop or work to achieve your ambitions, you can equip yourself with high-quality products.  You can find a range of helpful, inspiring ideas.  You can acquire knowledge.  Then, get what you need easily and conveniently. 

Acquisition (i.e., shopping) doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process of research and trial and error.  When you can be steered immediately to the best products in a wide range of categories, I think even a guy can enjoy shopping. 

Start by reading the trustworthy information and reviews on this site — tests conducted by professionals and experts.  Find the stuff that is the best because it has stood the test of time.  Get all the info you need to make a buying decision.   Then click the links to be taken directly to the product.

This site is not about the “newest” tools, tech, toys, gear, and more.  It is about the best tools, tech, toys, gear, apparel, lifestyle accessories, health and fitness info, dating and relationship advice, travel, gift shopping, cultural happenings, and news of interest to men (and women who shop for men).  And more.

See, if you have some money, the Internet will deliver to you everything you want.  You may as well take advantage of that.  Do something more fun than trudging around store aisles.

Not only will you find the best stuff listed here, you’ll find the best retailers to get it from.  Try shopping at places that will appreciate having you as a customer for life.  Those are the only kind of stores I work with.

This site is for men who aspire to more.  And who are enjoying the journey to improvement and success

Or just wanting to have some fun

Enjoying yourself along the way is true success.

The goals and intentions are up to you.  The rest, we’ll help you find.

Think of Best Stuff for Men as your total lifestyle resource

A tall order, you think?  Well, isn’t life’s most rewarding progress prompted by “tall orders?”  Can one guy do all this?  Look around the site.  Let me know how I’m doing.

Better yet, take advantage of some of the Best Stuff for Men…




This site explores the best of what civilization has to offer and shows how to acquire and enjoy it…

If you’re in a hurry, visit the GOOD DEALS AND OUTLETS page now to get started shopping and find lots of deals that will save you money.

If you’re looking for a specific product, use the search bar at the top right of this webpage and see what comes up.  Click the tags.  Browse the categories in the right sidebar.  Explore the Archives.  Click the banners under “Featured Companies and Deals” in the right sidebar for outstanding businesses and attractive deals.

Imagine the ancient Library at Alexandria.  That’s what the Internet amounts to…

This site will help you discover and obtain things that you as a man will want to use — the best available.  Included along the way is some education and entertainment.  (And if you’re a woman shopping for a man, you’ll get a bunch of gift ideas here.)

Fundamentally, humans are tool-users — whether it be a knife, a spaceship, the World Wide Web, or duct tape.  Tools help you realize potential. 

There’s an old saying that “clothes make the man.”  Great possessions help you feel cool and express your creativity.   Ultimately, everything comes down to the way you feel.  So, whether you’re sitting on top of a mountain watching clouds drift by, or you’re driving an Alfa Romeo 8C along the Amalfi Coast with the girl of your dreams by your side, you can learn to feel the way you want to.

My recommendation:  do both.  🙂

What makes the difference?

In addition to gear, products, technology, and services, I’ll provide the occasional heads-up on cultural developments that can contribute to your entertainment, your expansion, your amount of awesomeness — or pleasantly distract you from the fact that your life is going in about four different directions and you’re wondering how you’re going to corral it all into a coherent package…

You can do it with style.  That will be covered.

Figure out what you want, then start shaping the things, experiences, and relationships you’ve envisioned.  That’s what men do.  The best stuff can help make the difference. 

By the way:  Clicking links in the posts and making purchases of products from merchants referred to here will help support this site.  So, if you want it to continue and expand, visit here when it’s time to shop for yourself or someone else and buy something cool from some of the best vendors on the planet…




Full disclosure…

…about the financial relationship I have with many (but not all) of the merchants who sell the items that I review:  I have affiliated with certain businesses that I respect so that you can easily obtain the products I review here.  If you click a link to an affiliated merchant’s site and buy any of their products, I get a little commission from the merchant at no additional cost to you. 

However, I am not paid by anyone to review items.  I am not paid to endorse them.  (And if I ever am, I will so state.) 

You should have an expectation of finding products here that are superior and will perform as described (though I’m required by the Federal Trade Commission to state that “your results may vary”).  Of course, if you’re still unsure, you are encouraged to do additional research.

I strive to associate only with the best online companies.  I do a lot of digging to find them.  It is also my intention to make this website meet the same high standards.  Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for legal aspects and more info on how the site operates.

The bottom line is the site wouldn’t be worth much without you…  so thanks for visiting!  If you find something enjoyable or useful here, please inform your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, telephone, cans with string, etc.

And please leave comments — offer your opinion on a post, describe an experience with a product, make a suggestion, ask a question… I would like Best Stuff for Men to be a helpful community of ideas, knowledge, information, and advancement. (Note:  you must provide a valid email address to leave a comment; it’s part of the anti-spam process.  But unless you sign up for our e-newsletter or win one of our promotional contests, I will not send email to you.  Nor stand outside your window playing In Your Eyes on a boombox.)

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