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As fall weather turns brisk, your thoughts inexorably turn to one of the best options for keeping warm — a leather jacket.

There’s just something about wearing a leather jacket in the fall.  Suddenly life seems more expansive, you begin to suspect that the word “intrepid” might apply to you, and new and attractive possibilities turn up.

And it’s just October.

Not only is a leather jacket a classic garment for fending off cold, wind, and damp, it also holds its style.  As we get into the more serious part of the social calendar, such considerations come to the forefront.  So:  functionality and style.  A leather jacket you get today will still be serving you 15 years from now.

Here is a source for leather jackets you may not have considered:  Ferrari.

As you’re probably aware, when it comes to jackets, Italian leather and craftsmanship is some of the best in the world.  Add to that the cachet of being associated with an iconic company whose car designs have become international standards of passion-inspiring performance, and you have a garment that not only works well, it adds a touch of raciness to your wardrobe.

Of course, if you already drive a Ferrari, you’re aware of the above.  But the same pretty much goes for being a fan of the company.  There’s nothing wrong with wearing one of the best-made leather jackets designed by the guys in Maranello, whether you own one of their cars or not.

Case in point:  the Ferrari Men’s Vintage Look Leather Jacket.

Some of the best leather jackets for men are made in Italy.  A very stylish leather jacket made of high-quality materials is the Ferrari Vintage Look Leather Jacket for Men.  Click here to shop at the Ferrari store online and get this jacket.

Ferrari Vintage Look Leather Jacket. $950. (Get it for half off using coupon code below.)

The Vintage Look Leather Jacket (pictured at left) is one of the more subtle leather jacket designs from Ferrari.  Its style harks back to the days when Ferrari was on its way to establishing its nearly-unparalleled success, both on the street and the racetrack.  There’s a prancing horse logo embossed on the left side and a metal Ferrari logo on the left sleeve.  The jacket is made from soft, high-quality leather and has rib-knit collar, cuffs, and waistband.  It is made in Italy.

This is by no means the only leather jacket available from Ferrari.  At their international online store, you can find the Ferrari Heritage Jacket in black buffalo leather, the Cavallino Rampante Jacket of goatskin suede leather, and the Ferrari Openwork Sheepskin Jacket.  All are stylishly designed and superbly constructed.

If you’ve seen the excellent movie Rush, maybe Ferrari has been more in the forefront of your imagination lately.  You might be ready to acquire a top-quality leather jacket from the car maker that helped turn drivers like Niki Lauda, Phil Hill, Juan Manuel Fangio, and Michael Shumacher into racing legends (and vice versa).  If your interest runs in that direction, you can also find jackets, clothing, and accessories styled after those worn by Ferrari’s Scuderia racing teams.

Ferrari has recently improved its online store so guys in the United States can shop their more conveniently.  You can see all the Ferrari products priced in US dollars, get free shipping and returns, and won’t have to pay duty charges.  The clothing, watches, luggage, racing accessories, gifts for men, women, kids, and much more are shipped direct to USA customers from a warehouse in the states.  Click here to visit the Ferrari homepage.

Now get 50% off your order at the Ferrari Store online

Even better, all customers at the Ferrari online store can now get up to 50% off their entire order using coupon code “T4TBJBAB6JS3SP1322CXQP4HHR”.  Just insert that code (it’s a long code, so it’s easiest to cut and paste it) in the “Promotional Code” box on the Ferrari site during the checkout process.  Fifty percent off is a great discount, especially on their top-quality clothing.  This deal is available for a limited time.

Fall is a good time to upgrade your leather jacket options.  Some of the best leather jackets in the world are made in Italy.  And in Italy, you won’t find a better — and, in many ways, more interesting — leather jacket than one made by Ferrari.   Give them a look.

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