Friday Pic to Make You Smile (42)

It’s now the latter half of October.  You know what happens at the end of this month, don’t you?  That’s right — you get to use your imagination to become anything you want to be.  Superman.  A package of Ramen noodles.  Priscilla, queen of the desert.  A mutant katydid.

Of course, you can use your imagination to become anything you want to be during the rest of the year, too.  Sadly, too many of us indulge such creativity only on Halloween.  If we all became what we wanted to be, the world would be a better place.

Which brings me to today’s pic to make you smile…


Tariq illustration


Maybe this drawing will not only inspire you to pretend to be the character you’ve always wanted to be on Halloween, it might inspire you to follow your inner dreams and become the guy that actually lives the life of adventure, intrigue, romance, and passion you’ve longed for.

What would it be like to actually meet this radioactive girl who roams out of the imagination of a deranged west?

If you need additional practical inspiration for Halloween, you can check here.  And you can find more how-to info here.

Set it up how you want it to be.  Nothing wrong with being that guy, dude.



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