You Can Still Get Tickets to the Great American Beer Festival

Interested in craft brewing?  You’re probably aware that tickets to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver have been sold out for months.  However, that’s just through the festival’s nominal ticket vendor, Ticketmaster.  There are still tickets available to the Great American Beer Festival through other good ticket networks.

The Great American Beer Festival — happening this year from October 10 – 12 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver — is the grandaddy of beer festivals in the United States.  It’s both a chance for the public to sample the wares of some of the nation’s best craft brewers and a head-to-head competition among those brewers to win “medals for excellence” in 84 categories of brewing.

The biggest beer festival in the United States is the Great American Beer Festival, held each year in Denver, Colorado.  Tickets are still available from ticket networks such as Vivid Seats. Glass of beer - calflier001

The Great American Beer Festival is happening soon. Click to search for available tickets at Vivid Seats.

Each evening at the festival (plus Saturday afternoon), you have the chance to wander among the booths and taste up to 3,000 different brews from U.S.-based breweries.  You can talk to representatives of the breweries and score many kinds of beer-related accessories from retailers.  For a beer fan, it doesn’t get much better than this huge event.

Tickets for the Great American Beer Festival initially went on sale to the public in July and sold out in minutes.  Though 40,000 tickets to the festival are available, the popularity of discovering tasty small-batch brews from across America has been exploding in recent years.  Beer fans from around the world attend this festival.  That makes getting tickets a challenge.

Where can you still get tickets to the GABF?

If you really want to go, the good news is that you can still attend.  You can find tickets to the Great American Beer Festival at ticket network companies that offer an avenue between buyers and sellers of tickets.  My two recommendations for ticket networks to use are Vivid Seats and Ticket Liquidator.  Tickets to all three evenings of the festival are still available from those vendors.

Click here to get tickets to the Great American Beer Festival from Vivid Seats, one of my favorite sources for tickets to events that are “sold out.”  (On the Vivid Seats site, simply search for “Great American Beer Festival.”)

Or click here to check availability of tickets to the GABF from Ticket Liquidator (again, search “Great American Beer Festival”).

Both of these ticket aggregators offer good customer service along with safeguards to protect your ticket purchase.  Some of their tickets to the beer festival are also available for instant download.

Yes, you’ll generally pay more than face value for these tickets, but that’s the American way, after all.  We are devoted to the free market and supply and demand dictates prices for really popular things.  For example, why is the iPhone among the most expensive smartphones when it’s not any better than its top Android competitors?  (And in some cases loses to them.)  It’s because there are enthusiastic fans of everything Apple does and they’re willing to pay a premium for a product that inspires them.  The same goes for beer.  If the Great American Beer Festival wasn’t a huge success, it would be easy to get tickets.

It’s kind of like the Super Bowl of beer.

When it comes to the best brews, you know what I’m talking about, right?  That’s why you’re still looking for tickets.  So just go ahead and pay a few dollars more and enjoy yourself.  Even better, buy a ticket for your buddy who has already resigned himself to not being able to go.  It could be the best gift of the year.

Besides, once you’re there, enjoying lagers and IPAs from the most creative brewers in America and hanging out with fellow beer guys, you won’t even think about the cost.

If you score tickets from Vivid Seats or Ticket Liquidator and will be coming to the GABF from out of town, a good place to make your travel arrangements — whether for a flight, hotel room, rental car, or all three — is Expedia.  Check their package deals and you might save some green.

If you’re a beer geek and miss this year’s Great American Beer Festival, all is not lost.  Join the Craft Beer Club and try carefully-selected craft beers from different micro-breweries each month.  You can join here.

Have fun at GABF! Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 300x250 banner

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