Friday Pic to Make You Smile (40)

It’s Friday.  Snow has fallen today.  It’s officially sweater season.  So, in keeping with that, here’s today’s Friday pic…


Fall is sweater weather and this babe is showing off her cardigan to best effect. You should have a cardigan, too, just in case.


Of course, this picture touches on other important things, too.  Such as the fact that it’s not only sweaters that keep us warm.

However, when you do want a good sweater — especially a sweater whose style will actually attract the attention of someone like the lady above — then you should go to Inhabit NY.

Inhabit is a store that dwells in the intersection between fashion and practicality.  There’s nothing more traditional — and therefore functional — than wearing a sweater when fall weather turns chilly.  And you want something that looks good when red and yellow autumn leaves blow through the air and land on your shoulders. 

Knitwear fits the bill, man.  That is, sweaters.  And the best of them can be found at Inhabit NY.  Especially cashmere.

Cashmere is the closest thing to a yarn-based aphrodisiac that money can buy.

And it will keep you warm. 

That’s not all Inhabit offers, however.  They also have some of the best cotton and linen sweaters known to man.

Get yourself a sweater at Inhabit.  Or get one for her — that special lady in your life.  Help keep each other warm.

Shop here…

Shop Cashmere at!

When it looks like this…

This is my photo of the snow that fell today on the Flatirons in Colorado.  Fall colors indicate that sweater-weather has arrived.


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