An Outdoor Gear Brand You Can Count On: Arc’teryx

When it comes to the best brands of outdoor gear and clothing, Arcteryx is at the top.  You can count on their products to perform reliably and to last over the long haul.

“The aim is to create something that increases the user’s enjoyment of the activity.” – Carol Moriarty, Arc’teryx Designer


Some brands build a track record of performance and high quality over time.  They inspire fanatical customer loyalty.  They become known for doing things the right way.

When you find one of these companies — a company whose products exceed expectations and often surprise you with their effectiveness — you tend to appreciate just about everything they make.  These are brands you can count on.  Rolex is a brand like this.  So is Stanley (thermoses).  And Carhartt.

Brands that meet these standards are uncommon in today’s world.

Among makers of outdoor gear and clothing, Arc’teryx has become a brand you can rely on.

In business since 1989, Arc’teryx first began by making a harness that became popular with climbers (the Vapor).  You can’t have more solid outdoor gear cred than by getting started making a climbing harness on which people depend for their lives.  Since then, Arc’teryx has branched out into making gear for just about every outdoor activity, including skiing and snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, cycling, running, and all forms of adventure travel.  They even make a line of gear for law enforcement.

Basically, if you can do it in the outdoors, Arc’teryx will help you do it better, longer, more comfortably, and safely.

The name “Arc’teryx” derives from the Latin name for the first bird to appear on Earth:  Archaeopteryx lithographica.  The fossil record indicates that Archaeopteryx was the reptile that first developed feathers.  Archaeopteryx is thus symbolic of innovation, breaking bounds, freedom, creativity, and mastery of not only earth but air.

The mission of Arc’teryx has been to build the finest products available for anyone who puts their life on the line in the wilderness, whether for fun and adventure or to get a job done.  And they have succeeded.

Here’s a video made by Will Gadd, a user of Arc’teryx equipment.  This begins to get at the philosophy that the company embodies in its products:


As a brand, I doubt that any other manufacturer of outdoor gear has received more awards and recognition than Arc’teryx.  Every year, professional gear testers at publications both in print and online generally choose at least one Arc’teryx product (and often multiple products) for “best in category” status.  Arc’teryx has built a proven, three-decade track record of success when it comes to the quality and performance of its outdoor gear.

So Best Stuff for Men has chosen Arc’teryx as its first “Brand You Can Count On.”  We’re all about the adventure of living and succeeding, after all.  If you’re going to take the risk of creating an enjoyable life for yourself, you want the best tools to help you do that.  Arc’teryx makes such tools.   You can find out more about what they do in their online journal, Lithographica.

There will be other reliable brands highlighted here over time.  Brands that get the job done.  Brands that have stood the test of time.  It’s not an easy thing to accomplish.  Most companies never manage it.  Some companies make one good product then try to branch out and end up falling flat. 

Building things that not only perform well but set the standard in an industry is what we mean by a brand you can count on.

So, your next question is probably:  where are some good places to shop for Arc’teryx gear?  Use the links below to shop for Arc’teryx clothing, packs, gloves, climbing gear, and accessories.  The retailers linked to have been vetted for quality.  They all have a reputation for reliability.  They feature good customer service, competitive pricing, wide selection, and frequent special deals.  You can’t go wrong shopping with any of them.

Just like you can’t go wrong using equipment and clothing made by Arc’teryx, a brand of outdoor gear you can definitely count on.


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