Friday Pic to Make You Smile (39)

Today’s Friday pic to make you smile is an action shot…


When you want to take a really sharp photo of a difficult subject, it helps a lot to use a tripod.


Well, sort of an action shot.  Capturing a photo can be a lot of work.  Especially if you’re following a cute college girl around trying to take a good photo of her while she’s taking a photo of something else.  Courtesy of College Humor, this pic not only shows a dedicated photographer in action, it shows…other things, too.

Anyway, I’d say the guy got the shot.  So I’m sharing it with you.  Because it’s Friday and you deserve a reward for all the challenging things you accomplished this week.

You know what makes capturing an outstanding photo less challenging?  Using a high-quality tripod.  I’ll bet the photographer who photographed the girl photographer used a tripod (or a monopod).  I mean, look at the sharpness of her…shoes.

If you want to take excellent photos, use a tripod.  That said, you’re probably wondering which tripod to use.  There are a number of good brands out there.  But you know who makes tripods better than just about anybody else?  Gitzo.

Get yourself a Gitzo tripod.  You can’t go wrong using a Gitzo.  You’ll be much more likely to capture the shot.

And capturing things is what guys are all about. 

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