Lugz Still Makes Stylish, Practical Footwear

You don’t need a celebrity to tell you what brands of stuff to buy.  Geez, if you did, no one would ever buy Orvis waders or Weber grills.  Those companies do just fine without celebrity endorsers to drive sales because their products work — and have been working for quite awhile.

The same goes for Lugz shoes and boots.  The Lugz line of footwear for men came into being as part of the wave of urban street fashion in the early 1990s.  In those first years of the company, celebrity rappers were known for wearing Lugz boots and sneakers.  (In fact, you can still find fans of Lugz footwear in the hip-hop community.)  Lugz caught on among those who wanted a well-made, fashionable shoe that fit the bill both for work and kickin’ it.

Then, due to the quality of their footwear, Lugz became popular.  You started seeing people wearing Lugz in the suburbs.  You saw actual blue-collar workmen wearing Lugz on the job site.  After a few years of this, the Lugz brand kind of lost its cutting-edge fashion aura.  I mean, older people were wearing Lugz, for cryin’ out loud.  (Not that they were old when they first tried the shoes, but if you stick with a brand for 20 years, as many guys did with Lugz, you eventually get into your 30s and 40s.)

A number of the rappers, constantly looking for that bleeding-edge brand buzz, moved on.

But Lugz still makes good shoes, boots, and sneakers.  The company wouldn’t have lasted this long otherwise.  And they’re stylish.  Because Lugz comes up with interesting new footwear designs every year.  And quality never goes out of fashion.

You know who’s embraced Lugz now?  MMA guys.  The competitors in the UFC (some of them famous, admittedly) bring a whole new meaning to the term “kickin’ it.”  And they’re doing it in Lugz.

Not that you care that much about that.

So what’s new from Lugz this season?

First, how about a rugged boot with all-day comfort, whether you’re at work or tramping around the docks taking photos?  The Lugz Zone Hi SR

Lugz makes high-quality boots for men, including the Zone Hi SR boots pictured here.  Click to shop for them at the Lugz site.

Lugz Zone Hi SR Boots for men. Click to see them in brown and black at Lugz.

The Lugz Zone Hi SR boots for men come in both brown and black.  They’re durable and can be worn with just about anything, but you’ll especially like wearing them with canvas work pants or jeans.

Lugz has branched out quite a bit since they first started with a couple of styles of shoes in 1993.  Now they offer almost 350 different styles of men’s shoes.  Not to mention shoes for women and kids.  And they also carry T-shirts.  You can get everything from steel-toed “work-proof” boots to canvas slip-ons from Lugz.  They have high-top striders, many types of drifter boots, and brightly-colored (yet functional) sneakers.  When it comes to footwear, you can find just about anything you need from Lugz.

Here’s another new shoe to consider as we move into fall:  Gypsum sneakers

Lugz Gypsum Sneakers for men come in a mid-height style and a low-top version and in many different colors, including camo.  Click to see them all at Lugz.

Lugz men’s Gypsum sneakers. A versatile, well-made sneaker in a variety of styles and colors.

Lugz Gypsum sneakers for men come in 10 different shades, including camo.  And they come in a low-top version in tweed.  At a price just under $50, you can afford to get a couple of pairs to cover your fashion bases.

Fans of Lugz shoes don’t always have an easy time finding Lugz in their neighborhood retail stores.  But you can access all of Lugz’ versatile footwear on their website.

And right now, Lugz is having a clearance sale — get up to 70% off men’s shoes from Lugz by clicking here.  For the quality of their footwear, their prices are quite reasonable.  And when you discount “reasonable” by 70%, you get a pretty good deal.  So stock up.

In addition, from now until October 15, you can also get FREE shipping on orders over $50 by using code LUGZSFS at checkout (some restrictions apply).

So check Lugz for some good shoe buys.  For instance, you probably need some reliable boots for winter.  To wear after your MMA workout…


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