Friday Pic to Make You Smile (38)

Cheer up, dude, it’s Friday.  And a sunny one at that.  Did you notice that moon last night?  The Harvest Moon has been visible around the world the last couple of days.

It’s almost fall, the time when change is most obvious. 

Things change.  All the time.  The people of Colorado experienced unalterable changes this past week.  Some good.  Some tragic.  Now we’ll move on, try to make some changes go our way in the upcoming weeks and months.

The world is a big place (and you never know).  So here’s today’s Friday pic to make you smile…


There’s always something new to see.  Something wonderful.  Something…whatever.  You know that saying about there being “nothing new under the sun”?  There’s always something new under cloudy skies. 

Or under a Harvest Moon.

As Spock would say:  “Fascinating.”

That’s about the size of it.

Keep a lookout.

Photo disclaimer.

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