LifeProof Announces the Upcoming Release of Its Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4

I have written previously about the best waterproof cases you can get for your smartphone.  They are made by the innovative company LifeProof.  You won’t find a better waterproof case for your Galaxy S3 or iPhone (and other Apple products) than the LifeProof Fre and Nüüd cases.

When the LifeProof case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out in July, many people who’d already bought the Galaxy S4 lamented the fact that there was no LifeProof case for them.  It looked as though they might have to wait some time for one to come out.  But things have changed.

When it comes to waterproof protection for your Galaxy S4 smartphone, there is no better case than LifeProof.  The LifeProof cases will be available for the Galaxy S4 at the end of September.

Click for info on the LifeProof cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming at the end of this month. Sign up to be notified when they are available.

The company has announced that their top-rated cases will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 around the end of this month.  So, really, all of the Galaxy S4 owners (some of whom were whining kind of a lot about the lack of LifeProof cases for their phones) only had to wait a couple of months to get the best water protection for their phone that money can buy.

Good news.

If you aren’t familiar with the success that LifeProof has been enjoying with respect to smartphone protection since they first brought out their excellent waterproof cases, just click through to my earlier post about the company and you can find out not only about what they’ve accomplished, but also about the (almost ridiculous) amount of awards and “Editor’s Choice” and “Best Product” designations that LifeProof has received (a list that continues to grow).

When it comes to protecting your phone, not only from immersion in water, but from drops, spills, dust, and snow, LifeProof is the overall best choice.  As a matter of fact, LifeProof’s competitor, Otterbox, recognized that fact and did a smart thing:  they bought the company.  So now LifeProof’s engineers and product designers are working with the guys at Otterbox to create new levels of protection for smartphones, tablets, and other fragile (and expensive) electronic devices.

Floods and Other Disasters

One little-reported consequence of the recent major flooding and damage in Colorado was the number of people whose phones and tablets were destroyed by water.  Now they are having to replace their electronic devices at a time when they should be able to use them to deal with more pressing matters, such as contacting insurance companies, getting help from emergency agencies, and taking care of fixing damage to their homes, cars, and belongings.  I was amazed that so many people had not bothered to protect their cell phones — oftentimes the only communication devices that continued to work during the worst of the rains and flooding — from water.

It’s a lot better to spend $80 or so to get a waterproof case for your phone than to have to buy a new one for $300, not to mention being able to keep using it in an emergency situation.

You may think:  Well, I won’t be caught in a flood.  But how do you know?  These weather events (and other disasters) are becoming more common in many parts of the country (and around the world).  Why take a chance?

Besides, you could spill coffee on your phone tomorrow or it could accidentally fall out of your pocket and crack the screen.  It’s simply a good idea to have a protective case on it.

LifeProof has come up with two great smartphone protection solutions.  The LifeProof Fre case completely surrounds your phone in a waterproof (down to 6 feet) container that still allows you to access all of your device’s functions.  The LifeProof Nuud case offers equal protection against submersion in water but still allows you to directly access your phone’s touchscreen (a rather brilliant design, actually).

Military Grade Protection for Your Smartphone

Each case also protects against dirt, snow, and impacts.  (And you can add an even more robust level of drop-protection for your iPhone or iPad by using the LifeProof Lifejacket float case.)  LifeProof conducts a water-immersion test on every case prior to shipping.  And each case meets the Military Standard 810F-516 for impact resistance and the IP-68 international standard for protection against water and dust ingress.

You can sign up now to be one of the first to be notified when the LifeProof cases for the Galaxy S4 are available.  Like the cases for the Galaxy S3, the first production run is probably going to sell out.  So don’t wait.

You also might like to know that when you buy your case, LifeProof offers free shipping on all orders over $50 in the U.S. and on orders over 100 Euros in Europe (and $5 shipping for orders in the Asia/Pacific region).

There’s a reason they call it “LifeProof”…


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