Friday Pic to Make You Smile (35)

The good weather is still here.  And it’s Friday.  In fact, it’s Friday before a 3-day holiday.  What could be better?

Well, maybe going for a bike ride with this babe (our Friday pic to make you smile)…



Speaking of bike riding, you know what bike shops do at the end of summer?  They have sales!  They discount all kinds of gear because, well, they want you to have fun and upgrade your kit before the season’s over.

Right now, for example, Jenson USA, one of the best bike dealers and bicycling equipment retailers online, is having a big Labor Day Sale.  You should take advantage of it.  Get yourself a new mountain bike.  Or at least some better tires.

Then get out and go riding.  And keep your eyes open, because you never know what kind of wild lover, er, wildlife, you’ll see.



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