Friday Pic to Make You Smile (33)

Many kids went back to school this week.

Here’s a Friday pic of a woman who’s expressing how most of those kids feel about that…


 While it may be true that "school sucks," at least you can take advantage of "back to school" specials to get some good gear for less.


Public school is a kind of prison we stick kids into for 12 years of their life.  It’s a wonder that so many of them manage to grow up to become creative, well-adjusted, intelligent adults.  (On the other hand, if you look at the proportion of people who read books in this country, you might wonder about that last proposition.)

At least those students who are returning to college this month have an advantage over those consigned to public schools.  They have the freedom to choose what they’ll study.  The young lady above, for example, who is of college age, could decide to study fashion merchandising.  Or chemical engineering.  Or 16th century French literature.

So college, I suppose, is okay if you have nothing better to do.

In any event, if you’re returning to school, you’re going to need some gear.  So here are a couple of deals you might want to take advantage of…

For dedicated college students (and others who value a good day’s work), Carhartt is offering a free backpack for everyone who buys their College Licensed Outerwear (hats, jackets, and more that show your support of schools like Iowa State, Notre Dame, and the University of Alabama).  The free backpack offer is only good until August 18, however.  (For those who aren’t math majors, that’s just 2 days from now.)  To get it, you must use promo code “GEARUP”.

Even if you miss the free backpack deal, you can still get free shipping any time when you order over $99 worth of Carhartt’s rugged, long-lasting, practical attire — clothes and shoes for people who work, or who aspire to work at some point in their lives.  Just use code “FREESHIPA” when you order $99+ of Carhartt stuff.

When you have some Carhartt college clothing, you’ll need something to carry it around in (along with those books of French poetry).  So take advantage of the big 50%-off sale on backpacks and book bags at Rocky Mountain Trail.  (For those who aren’t math majors, 50% off is a lot.  It’s, like, half off.)  And these aren’t floopdoodle backpacks; they’re made by good brands like The North Face, High Sierra, and JanSport.  They can carry a serious amount of textbooks. 

Poor bastards.

If you’re a student and you’re still not happy yet, you should also know that Rocky Mountain Trail is offering free shipping on orders over $35.  And you get a $10 gift card if your order is over $50!

Hey, coupled with the fact that it’s Friday, you can smile about that.



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