Friday Pic to Make You Smile (32)

Did this week go by fast for you, too, like it did for me?

You know who else is going fast?  The guy in today’s Friday pic…


Skateboarding is all about exploiting the constructed environment, plus gravity, to have fun.  What could be better than finding this pipe and realizing it was tailor-made for you and your deck?


Even if you’re not a skateboarder, this photo should make you smile.  This was taken back in the days when skateboarding was a pioneering activity.  If you wanted to ride on a curved surface, for example, you found a real pipe.  The bigger the better!

This photo captures freedom, innovation, adventure, acceleration, the essence of adrenalin sports.

No wonder guys like skateboarding.  It’s a way of responding dynamically to the urban environment, of using it, of having fun with it.  Even out on some godforsaken construction site.

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Surfers make dynamic use of waves.  Snowboarders make dynamic use of snow.  Skateboarders make dynamic use of concrete.

Gravity can be our friend.

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