Two Highly-Rated Cross-Training Shoes from Under Armour – Now with Free Shipping

Under Armour is known for creating apparel that helps athletes perform better.  Their comfortable, light-weight, sweat-wicking, muscle-compression garments have become staples of both professional teams and high-school athletes.  What many competitors and active exercisers may not know is that Under Armour has been making shoes for several years as well.  And word is finally getting out in the world of fitness and sports that Under Armour shoes are among the best.

This is especially true with regard to men’s cross-training shoes (and women’s, too, for that matter).

If you do any type of workout, from CrossFit to P90X to jumping rope to aerobics to weight-lifting and you’re looking for a versatile, well-made shoe to handle your exercise needs, you should definitely check out Under Armour’s training shoes.  While brands such as Reebok have received a lot of attention with regard to shoes that are good for CrossFit workouts or other “boot-camp”/weight-training combo workouts, a well-kept secret among fitness buffs is that Under Armour makes shoes that are just as good if not better overall.   And Under Armour’s shoes are less expensive.

I recommend two Under Armour cross-training shoes for men in particular:  the UA Micro G Defend Training Shoes and the UA Spine TRB Shoes.

And you might appreciate the fact that right now, from August 8 – 12, you can get these shoes from Under Armour with free shipping.

Under Armour Micro G Defend Training Shoes for Men

Versatility is the name of the game in cross-training shoes.  You want a light-weight shoe that supports movement in different directions, including jumping and plyometrics, as well as providing a stable platform for stationary exercises such as weight-lifting.

The top-rated UA Micro G Defend Training Shoe fits the bill for just about any type of activity you do, from sport-specific training to in-home exercise to running.  They’re even good to wear daily for general activities and chores.  And at $85, they’re a good value.

A high-quality cross-training shoe for men with an excellent track record is the Under Armour Micro G Defend Training Shoe.  Click here to see full details about these versatile shoes at Under Armour.

One of the best men’s cross-training shoes are the UA Micro G Defend Training Shoes from Under Armour. Click for full spec’s and to purchase.

Under Armour customers (guys) are wearing the Micro G Defend shoes for everything from indoor football to the INSANITY workout.

Click here to see full details about the UA Micro G Defend Training Shoe and to purchase from Under Armour.  The description page for these shoes on the Under Armour site includes answers to many questions posed by customers.  You can learn a lot about the shoes prior to buying.

Men’s Under Armour Spine TRB Shoes

The relatively new UA Spine TRB Training Shoes are mid-cut in height to provide extra stability and support for your workouts, yet are almost as light in weight as the Micro G Defend (Spine TRB shoes weigh 9.4 oz.).  They feature Under Armour’s Spine technology (see the video below), which balances support and flexibility — again, two qualities you want in a cross-training shoe.  They also incorporate UA’s Micro G foam cushioning that helps return energy to your movements.

Under Armour makes advanced cross-training shoes for men, including the UA Spine TRB Shoes.  These versatile, lightweight shoes can be purchased from Under Armour by clicking here.

Cross-training shoes with advanced tech — Men’s Spine TRB Shoes from Under Armour.

The Spine TRB shoes stand out both when it comes to function and style (the “Gravel” color with pink laces is definitely not your run-of-the-mill gym shoe).  Don’t stop wearing them after you finish your workout — they also go well with a pair of jeans.

But really, when it comes to cross-training shoes, function trumps form, and Under Armour’s Spine TRB Shoes are definitely all about function.  Click here to check out their specifications and buy them now with free shipping from Under Armour.

I like to check in with a guy I know who works in the shoe department at the local SA Elite sporting-goods store to keep up on the latest and greatest shoes, whether it be for basketball, tennis, hiking, or another activity.  With regard to cross-training shoes, he has been finding more and more customers switching from other brands to Under Armour and being quite pleased with their shoes.  I think you will be, too, if you’re in the market for cross-training shoes.  Take a look at the mostly glowing customer reviews on the Under Armour site for these shoes (and UA’s other sport-specific and activity-specific shoes).

Below is a video that shows just a few of the ways you can use Under Armour’s cross-training shoe technology.

And remember to take advantage of free shipping…  Click the link below:

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