Friday Pic to Make You Smile (31)

We’ve just kicked it into August, which means there’s still a lot of summer left.  Did you make a promise to yourself at the beginning of summer to finally get in shape?

How’s that going?

In case you need a little extra inspiration to really go after your fitness goals (and to look good in board shorts by Labor Day) here’s a picture of a water bottle in a gym for today’s Friday pic…


Gym girl with water bottle


Nice-looking water bottle, eh?  Let it remind you to stay hydrated as you work out during the dog days of summer, when it’s important to get plenty of H2O whether you’re running, biking, rowing, playing basketball, or pumping iron. 

In fact, you might want to upgrade your water bottle — may as well fully support yourself in achieving your fitness goals…  You don’t want to use a bottle with BPA in it, for example.  Get yourself a top-quality bottle that doesn’t contaminate your water.

In fact, why not get a water bottle that will not only let you transport liquid refreshment around with you, buying it will help other people.  Really.  In addition to looking cool in the mesh pocket of your gym bag.  What I mean is MiiR Bottles — the socially and environmentally beneficial water bottle company.

Have a good weekend, kemosabe.  Hit it hard.



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