Get the Best-Tasting Cup of Coffee in Minutes with a French Press Coffee-Maker

When you hear the term “French press” you might assume it’s a tactic the French national team would employ in the Olympic basketball tournament.  But you would be off base.  A French press is actually the best tool to use to make a flavorful cup of coffee in minutes.

Ask your friendly local barista what coffee-making process produces the best-tasting coffee and he or she will probably tell you a manual system is best.  Automatic drip coffee-makers often do not extract the full flavor potential of coffee.  Specialty coffee shops will generally use either a drip coffee-maker or a French press.  The shops that want to produce the best coffee in the least amount of time using a manual system will use a French press.

And if you appreciate a good cup of coffee, you’ll want to use one, too.  The next question is: what’s the best French press coffee-maker to get?

Bodum makes a number of excellent French press coffee-makers, ranging in price from $30 – $100.  The lower-priced models have a number of compromises — one being that the glass containers are fairly easily broken.  Bodum’s stainless-steel French presses are durable, but coffee kept in a stainless steel container cools off more quickly than some people prefer.

If you want a manual coffee-maker that will not only make a delicious cup of coffee but survive inevitable kitchen accidents and keep your coffee warm longer, go with the Bodum Chambord Double-Wall Glass French Press Coffee Maker.

The best cup of coffee is made by manual coffee makers.  And the best, most convenient type of manual coffee-maker is a French press.  The best French presses are made by Bodum, including this Chambord Double-wall Glass French Press Coffee Maker, which you can get from Wayfair.

Click to see a full description of one of the best French press coffee-makers: the Bodum Chambord Double-Wall Glass French Press Coffee Maker, available from Wayfair.

A French press from Bodum is easy to use:  just add hot water, wait about 4 minutes, and plunge the grounds to the bottom of the container (the “press” part of the process).

Voilà, you have a cup of coffee that coffee-lovers swear by.

The Chambord Double-Wall Glass Coffee Maker from Bodum is encased in stainless steel, which protects the mouth-blown, heat-resistant glass container from drops.  A silicone gasket connecting the lid and the glass keeps heat in and the locking lid system with its precision-pour spout makes the coffee-maker spill-proof if it gets knocked over.  The Chambord coffee-maker comes with a stainless steel mesh filter, which allows for the best extraction of the coffee’s subtle flavors.  No paper filters are required, which means more flavorful coffee and less waste.

By the way, when it comes to brewing the best coffee, here’s a tip:  Boiling hot water (i.e., 212 degrees Fahrenheit) will scald coffee.  So, boil your water, then wait 30 seconds before pouring, which allows the water to cool to a temperature of 195 to 205 degrees.

You can get this premium Bodum French Press Double Wall Glass Coffee Maker, which has a capacity of 34 ounces, from Wayfair.  Order it now and start enjoying the best-tasting coffee in a just a few days!

And to get top-of-the-line coffee to put in your French press (for less), go to Coffee For Less.

You can enjoy a cup while watching the Olympics.  Or, you know, every day.

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