Star Wars Padme Amidala “Snow Bunny” Statue

When the International Comic Con is happening, many companies announce new products related to comics, science fiction series, and movies.  Of course, Star Wars is one of the most popular stories that generates cool new action figures, toys, and collectibles every so often.  And this month is no exception.  Star Wars collectors — and you — might enjoy this new high-quality statue:  Padmé Amidala in her “snow bunny” outfit.

Backstory:  In the animated TV series Star Wars: Clone Wars, Padmé travels with Yoda to the ice caves of Ilum to help the Jedi protect the crystals that power lightsabers.  Of course, the ice caves of Ilum are cold.  So Padmé must dress in snow bunny attire.

Adam Hughes is an artist who has been working in comics since 1985.  He is known for drawing Wonder Woman and Catwoman for DC Comics, along with a number of other striking female characters.  After Padmé appeared in her snow bunny guise in the animated Star Wars series, Adam was inspired to produce some drawings of her in her snow-suit.  Those drawings inspired Gentle Giant (known for their renderings of famous movie characters) to create a detailed statue of Padmé in her snow bunny costume.  And it’s available one year from now, in July, 2014…

Fans of Star Wars and those who collect Star Wars action figures and memorabilia will not want to wait to get this special edition statue of Padme Amidala in her snow bunny outfit from Entertainment Earth.  The statue is produced by the digital sculptors at Gentle Giant.

Padme Amidala snow bunny statue, side view. Click the image for more info and to order this Star Wars collectible from Entertainment Earth.

A long lead time, you might think?  Star Wars collectors are already pre-ordering this statue and you can order it, too, from Entertainment Earth.

This statue is not a toy.  It is a highly-detailed rendering of Padmé (who eventually becomes Anakin Skywalker’s wife) that measures 10.5 inches in height.  Each statue is digitally sculpted and hand-painted by the artists at Gentle Giant.  Each is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  It is a collectible piece of Star Wars art and costs $248.99.

You can also think of it as a statue of Natalie Portman in a skintight snow-bunny outfit.  That’s a pretty good reason to get it, not to mention appreciating Star Wars, Comic Con, and the wonders of the imagination.  Use yours.

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