The “Best Coffee Maker on the Planet” is the ROK Espresso Maker

“Best coffee maker on the planet” is how the editors of Outside magazine described the ROK Espresso Maker after testing it this year.  But that is far from the only accolade this coffee maker has received.  It was given the “Most Innovative Product” award at the 2013 London Coffee Festival.  And GQ magazine included the ROK Espresso Maker among its 2012 “Best Stuff of the Year.”

But I sort of like the description “best coffee maker on the planet.”  This site is about stuff like that.

This site is also about manly stuff, and the ROK Espresso Maker is definitely a masculine type of machine because it enables you to make espresso with your own two hands.  In other words, it’s completely manual.  Automatic espresso machines can be expensive — from several hundred to several thousand dollars — and finicky to care for.  But the ROK Espresso Maker (which was designed in the UK) avoids all that by brilliantly combining only the parts and mechanical processes you need to make espresso.  It’s got a hand pump, a receptacle for hot water, a place to hold your finely-ground coffee, and a spout.

Like any cool design, it’s also beautiful.  You’ll appreciate having it on your kitchen counter.  Or on the side table at your office.  Or in your hotel room when you’re traveling and want to make a perfect cup of espresso.

The ROK Espresso Maker is the best manual coffee maker on the market — and, for the price, the best coffee maker you can buy. Click to see full spec’s and purchase from Wayfair.

The ROK Espresso Maker is made from engine-grade metal and guaranteed for 10 years.  It has none of the delicate moving parts that can make an automatic espresso maker vulnerable to damage.  It’s also an eco-friendly coffee maker, because it uses no electricity to make espresso.  You just use whatever heat source you need to heat the water.

Below is a video introduction to the award-winning ROK Espresso Maker:

Introduction to ROK from Presso on Vimeo.


It takes a bit of practice to learn how much muscle pressure to apply to the ROK to make espresso the way you prefer it.  Which is also part of the enjoyment of using this coffee maker.  You feel like a barista.  Plus you can experiment with the type of beans and grinds to use to get the most flavorful espresso (grinding your own beans is recommended — and with regard to that, see below).

Here’s a video showing Patrick Hunt, the designer of the ROK, making a double espresso with his hand-powered machine:


Looks fun, right?  Also delicious.

You can get the ROK Espresso Maker from Wayfair by clicking here.  With your order for the ROK, you’ll also get a tin to store it, a stainless steel milk-frother, a measuring cup that does double-duty as a tamper, and a detachable spout that allows you to make two single-shot espressos.  See details at Wayfair by clicking the link above.

I recommend getting the ROK Espresso Maker from Wayfair because it is a Google Trusted Store, is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and is well-known for excellent customer service.  They carry some of the best stuff on the market (witness the ROK), not only for your kitchen, but for your home in general, for travel, and more.  In other words, they’re a company that works hard to earn and keep your business.

Give the ROK a try, or give it as a gift to your favorite coffee fan.  For the price (currently $199 in the U.S.), this machine is the best coffee maker on the planet.

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