The Best Ultra-High-Performance Tires as Tested by Consumer Reports

Summer is the most enjoyable time to drive your high-performance sports car, supercar, exotic roadster, or grand touring luxury sedan.  These vehicles are so specialized and their performance so extraordinary that there are models of tires made for these cars that are intended to be run only in the summer.  Consumer Reports tested tires for cars in this class and came up with a number of top-rated tires for ultra-high-performance driving in the summer.

If you want the best tire for summer driving in your high-performance car, the top-rated summer ultra-high-performance tire is the Michelin Pilot Super Sport.  Thus, if you want the best tire to mount on, for example, your Ferrari 458 Italia (which I touched on in this review), you’ll grab the Michelins and think no more about it.

However, there are several other brands of tires that scored highly in Consumer Reports’ testing of supercar tires.  So, if for some reason you feel the Pilot Super Sport isn’t the best-tuned tire for your exotic car, you can try one of these others, which all tied in points earned in testing (each of them coming in 8 points behind the Pilot Super Sport tires, which scored 90 out of 100). 

Here are the best ultra-high performance tires for summer driving according to the reviewers at Consumer Reports, reporting in April, 2013:

All of the tires above have a “Y” speed rating, which indicates a max speed of 186 mph.

Consumer Reports selected Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires as their top-rated ultra-high-performance summer tire.

A top-rated ultra-high-performance tire for summer: the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Click to see details at TireRack.

You can buy each of these tires from TireRack (click the Michelin link above to get the Michelin Pilot Super Sport direct from TireRack).  TireRack’s professional testers have made the Michelin a top pick.  And customer reviews for the Michelin Pilot Super Sport at TireRack average 9.23 out of 10.

In other words, this is an outstanding ultra-high-performance summer tire.

Top-Rated Ultra-High-Performance All-Season Tires

Of course, it can’t always be summer.  When it’s not, you’ll still want to keep driving your supercar (though maybe not quite as much).  In that case, you’ll want to be riding on all-season ultra-high-performance tires.

Consumer Reports also tested ultra-high-performance tires in the all-season class.  When it comes to all-season tires for your exotic sports car or luxury sedan, there was no clear winner.  Instead, Consumer Reports selected three tires to recommend.  Each of these three ultra-high-performance tires has identical scores with respect to performance and value.  The three top-rated ultra-high-performance all-season tires are:

  • Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season
  • Cooper Zeon RS3-A
  • Sumitomo HTR A/S PO1

You can get both the Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season and the Sumitomo HTR A/S PO1 from Tire Rack.  (For example, click here to shop for Sumitomo tires.)  They do not carry the Cooper tire.  To make a decision, I would recommend reading through the descriptions of each of these tires, the reviews that TireRack has written about them, their video reviews, and customer comments.  You can also check to see if TireRack is offering any current special deals on tires from certain manufacturers, as they often do.  Taking all these criteria into account, you will be able to make an informed buying decision.

Then you’ll be able to do some fast driving, come rain or shine.

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