The Best Tent for Family Camping and Car Camping Is the Sierra Designs Mirage 4

In the preceding days I’ve written posts about the best tires for your car for summer road trips.  But once you arrive at your destination — and I know a lot of you will be going on family camping trips — what will you use to protect you from the rain, shade you from the sun, and to sleep inside at night?  A tent, obviously — and the best tent to hold your whole family or crew is the Sierra Designs Mirage 4.

The Mirage 4 is huge, sturdy, and versatile.  It is the “cabin” of family-camping tents.  It’s got 51 square feet of floor space for sleeping, plus a large, 95-square-foot vestibule that can be used for cooking, organizing gear, or just hanging out with friends.  This tent will comfortably sleep four adults.

The Mirage 4 is just the latest in a long line of tent designs from Sierra Designs that have stood the test of time.

Sierra Designs began making camping supplies and gear for backpacking, hiking, climbing, and other outdoor pursuits in 1965, and in the succeeding 45 years has developed a reputation for producing well-planned, high-quality, reliable equipment.  That is certainly the case with their tents, which, from the company’s inception, have come to be relied upon by some of the famous names in outdoor adventure and exploration, as well as receiving numerous awards and recommendations from travel and outdoor recreation media and testers.  The Sierra Designs Mirage 4 car camping tent is no exception.

When it comes to car camping or family camping trips, the best tent to get is the Sierra Designs Mirage 4 tent which is large, sturdy, and versatile.  Click to see it at eBags.

The Mirage 4 tent is another in a long line of top-rated tents from Sierra Designs. It makes a great tent for family camping or as a base camp tent. See it at eBags.

The gear testers at Backpacker magazine recommend the Sierra Designs Mirage 4 for use as a base camp tent from which you can launch daily adventures (kayaking, orienteering, mountain biking, etc.), or as a family camping tent for adults with kids, and as an ideal car camping tent.  (The tent weights 24 pounds, 4 ounces.)

One of the testers of the Mirage 4 for Backpacker used the tent for a 2-week camping trip in Yellowstone National Park.  His evaluation of the Mirage 4 was that it was “a palace,” and he praised the tent’s ability to withstand a torrential Yellowstone downpour that turned the campground into a pond (I think I’ve been on that trip myself).  Other testers for the magazine used the tent in challenging conditions throughout four western states.  The tent stood up to all conditions, including sustained winds of 30 mph.  Testers appreciated the Mirage 4’s adjustability, such as the fact that the rain fly can easily be rolled back to expose a mesh roof to enable stargazing at night.  Four convenient doors make ingress and egress easy and four mesh windows provide plenty of ventilation and opportunities to enjoy the scenery.

This is a true, 3-season tent that can be used for everything from extended car camping trips to ambitious, month-long sieges of new bouldering routes by a crew of obssessive climbers (who want to be comfortable at night).

The Sierra Designs Mirage 4 requires two people to pitch (and testers also praised the straightforward set-up of the tent).  Pitch it with someone you love.  Just like camping, the experience will bring you closer…

One of Sierra Designs’ customers who bought the Mirage 4 tent wrote the following in an online review:

Fantastic base camping/car camping tent!  First of all, this tent is HUGE (in a good way), [gives you] standing room, easy to set up, sturdy in high winds, attractive…  So far, I’m very happy with my purchase.

Here’s a video overview of the Sierra Designs Mirage 4 camping tent:


Due to the demand for this tent, many retailers of camping supplies do not currently have it in stock.  However, I found two reliable sources online where you can still buy the Sierra Designs Mirage 4.  It retails for $699.  First, you can click here to get the Mirage 4 family camping tent from eBags.

Or you can click here to find the Mirage 4 tent at (Rakuten). has it for $695.  Both of these  retailers offer free shipping when purchasing this tent.

May all your outdoor trips this summer be safe yet adventurously rewarding.  (The right gear can make the difference.)  When it comes to large tents for family camping, you cannot do better than the Sierra Designs Mirage 4.

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