Friday Pic to Make You Smile (27)

You know, the 100th running of the Tour de France is going on right now.

That fact inspired this week’s Friday Pic to make you smile…


These sexy bike riders may be aware that Schwalbe tires are the best tires you can get for your touring bike.  And they may also be aware that the best place to shop for equipment for bike touring, travel, and camping is CycloCamping.


I wonder what sort of tires these two cyclists are riding on?  Of course, if you’re a serious bike rider, then you know that Schwalbe tires are about the best touring tires made.  You definitely want something on your bike like Schwalbe tires to provide comfort for your delicate seating area, not to mention performing well on the road.

Yeah, I’ll bet they’ve got Schwalbe tires on their bike.  They look to be in pretty good shape, so they must know what they’re doing when it comes to cycling gear.

You know who else knows what they’re doing when it comes to cycling gear?  CycloCamping.  In fact, it just so happens that CycloCamping is having a summer sale on the best touring tires made — Schwalbe.  See the banner below, and click it to save up to 25% off the best tires for your bike.

CycloCamping is one of the best sources online for everything you need for bicycle touring, whether you’re riding around your town or across a continent.  They have excellent customer service.  Really — they have an insanely high rating on Resellerratings.

So, if you’re inspired by the Tour de France to get out on your bike now — or you’re going to be on your bike anyway — check out CycloCamping, not only for Schwalbe legs…er, tires…but for everything you need to make your cycling adventures successful. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll come across the two bicycling enthusiasts above.


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