The Best Charcoal Grill is the Weber Performer Platinum

Barbecue purists prefer to grill using charcoal rather than gas for one reason:  flavor.  Grilling meat over charcoal imparts a smoky flavor that you just can’t get when using a gas grill.  When the charcoal is white-hot, it sears the meat quickly, creating a caramelized, crusty exterior with delicious smoke flavor.

What BBQ purists don’t necessarily like is the inconvenience of using charcoal — stacking the briquettes just right, using lighter fluid, getting them lit, waiting for the charcoal to heat to cooking temperature, and the cleanup afterward.

There is a solution to the above dilemma — a solution that enables you to enjoy the benefits of barbecuing with charcoal while still getting the convenience of gas.  As you might expect in the realm of BBQ innovations that improve your grilling results, the solution comes from Weber:  the Weber Performer Platinum Charcoal Grill.

The Weber Performer Platinum has been selected as the best charcoal grill by numerous testers and publications this year.  If you want the great taste that comes from grilling over charcoal along with the ease of using a gas grill, the Weber Performer Platinum is the grill to get.

The main claim-to-fame of the Weber Performer Platinum is the push-button charcoal-lighting system that uses electronic ignition along with disposable propane gas bottles to light the charcoal.  The Weber Touch-N-Go™ gas ignition system lights the charcoal quickly and enables you to get your meat on the grill sooner.  You just put the briquettes in Weber’s special holder, turn on the gas, push the button, and your charcoal is lighted.

The best charcoal grill is the Weber Performer Platinum.  It features Weber's Touch-N-Go charcoal lighting system, plus many other features to make sure all of your barbecues are successful.  Weber is known for the high quality of its grills.  The Weber Performer Platinum is made in the USA.

The best charcoal grill is the Weber Performer Platinum. Click here to see the long list of features of this grill and get it from Abt Electronics.

Features of the Weber Performer Platinum

The Weber Performer Platinum also includes a number of features that make it even more attractive and easier to use than other backyard charcoal grills at this price.  While the actual grill is the porcelain-enameled bowl and lid that has made Weber the most popular backyard BBQ ever made, it is embedded in a rolling table that is big enough to hold a big plate of ribs, a cutting board, or whatever you want to have handy right next to your grill, along with a wire shelf and a bin under the cooking area for storing charcoal.  It has an ash catcher (can you say “ash catcher” fast 5 times?) and a one-touch cleaning system.  The lid has a built-in thermometer.  There are hooks to hold your barbecuing tools, and the steel cooking grate is hinged so you can easily rearrange your charcoal as needed.

In their review of the best all-around charcoal grills available this summer, Outside magazine selected the Weber Performer Platinum as the best choice.   Not only is it well-designed and probably the most convenient charcoal grill to use, it is also solidly built.  Weber is known for the construction quality of its grills.  Many owners of Weber grills report using their grills for 10 years or more.  And it is made in the USA.

The reviewers at BBQ4dummies also made the Weber Performer Platinum a Best Buy among charcoal grills.  Customer reviews of this versatile charcoal grill also run overwhelmingly positive.

There are more expensive charcoal grills on the market (some over $1,000), but you cannot beat the combination of value, performance, convenience, and quality of the Weber Performer Platinum.

Click here to get this top-rated grill from Wayfair (a Google Trusted Store) for $349 along with free shipping.

You can also find the Weber Performer Platinum at Abt Electronics (also a top-rated online store) for the same price.  It is available in black, dark blue, and green.

Below is a video review of the best charcoal grills in which the Weber Performer Platinum came out on top.  This video was created by America’s Test Kitchen and provides the results of testing charcoal grills by Cooks Illustrated, in which the Weber Performer Platinum was selected as the best charcoal grill.


Guys, if you want an excellent charcoal grill for turning out barbecued steak, burgers, brats, hotdogs, and fish with that great smoky flavor, the Weber Performer Platinum is recommended by Best Stuff for Men.


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