Friday Pic to Make You Smile (25)

It’s the first day of summer!  And Friday!  Two reasons for this Friday pic to make you smile…


The Reef girl reminds us that Reef sandals and clothing for men are some of the best summer stuff you can wear.  Comfort and cool wrapped up in one name.

In honor of this combination of summery goodness, who better than a Reef girl to remind us what summer is all about?

One thing summer is about is laid-back, cool, comfortable clothing and footwear, whether you’re pursuing athletic dreams or searching for the nearest hammock.  Stuff you can wear to the beach is the epitome of summer attire.  And when it comes to beachwear, there’s no better brand than Reef — the purveyor of surf-inspired sandals, flip-flops, shirts, and boardshorts for your coastal pursuits. 

Reef is one of the best brands of sandals plus clothing for summer, the beach, relaxing, and having fun in the sun.

And, hey, you want to look cool if you’re pursuing someone like her this summer, right?

Reef can definitely help.  At the heart of Reef’s cool, laid-back attitude is the company’s surf-inspired origins.  However, laid-back doesn’t mean funky.  Reef sandals have stood the test of time when it comes to style, comfort, and function.

Have you ever noticed that the best-made things tend to look good, too?  Just like her… 

Check out Reef, man.  Have a good Friday.  And an even better summer.


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