The Best Golf Putters are the White Hot Pro Series by Odyssey

The word “putt” comes from the Scottish.  It means “to push, shove.”  It is also where we get the term “shot put.”  Putt is a variation of the Old English word “putten,” meaning to thrust or put out.  And what was being “put out” in that instance of medieval English was the eyes.

Which is sort of what you feel like doing when you miss a 3-foot putt in golf.

As it pertains to golf, the word “putt” was first used in 1743.  In the ensuing 270 years,  many other words have been combined along with the word “putt” — words that really shouldn’t be used in a family-friendly blog.

The modern definition of putt sounds so simple, so innocent:  “A light stroke made on the putting green in an effort to place the ball into or near the hole.”

You know what the operative word is in that definition?  Effort.  The definition recognizes that the goal of the putt is a dubious proposition.  All you can do is make the effort.

Though the tee shot is the single most important stroke in golf, putting is the money shot.  As a golfer, you attempt that “light stroke on the putting green” more than any other shot.  Therefore, you use your putter more than any other club in your bag.

It is important to practice your putting.  Entire books have been written about it.  It is also important to use the best putter that you can so as to maximize your odds of putting the ball in the hole and minimize the odds of using some of those other words we can’t mention after you attempt a putt and miss.

So what is the best putter you can currently get?  What is the putter that comes closest to that magic wand you can wave over the putting green to produce a birdie?

The White Hot Pro Series putters from Odyssey.

Golf Digest rated the Odyssey White Hot Pro Series D.A.R.T. mallet putter for men at the top among putters this year.  It is one of the best alignment aid putters on the market.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro Series D.A.R.T. putter helps you align your putts correctly. Click here to get it from Golfsmith.

If you’ve been golfing for awhile, then you’re probably aware that Odyssey has been making some of the best golf putters for over 20 years.  They are known for several innovations they have introduced to putters, such as inserts and shot alignment devices

2013 is no exception when it comes to high-quality putters being produced by Odyssey.  In their testing of over 450 putters, Golf Digest selected Odyssey’s line of White Hot Pro putters as the top-performing and most desirable putters on the market.  The White Hot Pro line includes 16 different models of putters — for example, there are 8 mallet putters.  Singled out as the performance category leader and demand category leader among mallet putters was the Odyssey White Hot Pro D.A.R.T. putter (D.A.R.T. stands for “Direction and Realignment Technology”).  The Odyssey White Hot Pro Series #1 Blade Putter was selected as the performance leader among blade putters.

So Odyssey is on kind of a roll.

Which is what you want to be on, too, as you improve your ability to roll the ball into the hole.

Where can you buy Odyssey White Hot Pro Series putters?  There are a couple of golf equipment retailers online that are reliable, have good customer service, and good prices…

First, you can get the men’s Odyssey White Hot Pro #1 putter (blade type) from Edwin Watts Golf.  Edwin Watts Golf also carries other models of Odyssey putters, but the only one of the White Hot Pro Series currently in stock is the White Hot Pro #1 — which is good, since it’s the top-performing blade putter.

You can also find a good selection of Odyssey White Hot Pro Series putters at Golfsmith (which as a store is highly rated by Consumer Reports among specialty sports retailers).  Golfsmith currently has the Odyssey White Hot Pro D.A.R.T. putter in stock.  This mallet putter incorporates Odyssey’s D.A.R.T. alignment aid, helping you accurately apply the three putting elements of speed, roll, and break.

But which should you select, a mallet putter or a blade putter?

The best-performing blade putter is the Odyssey White Hot Pro #1 men's steel shafted putter.  You can get it at Edwin Watts Golf.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro Series #1 Blade Putter for men. Get it from Edwin Watts Golf.

When you first began learning to play golf, if you started out with one or the other style of putter (blade or mallet) and feel comfortable with that, go with that type and simply upgrade your technology.  You might find that Odyssey’s insert and alignment aids enable you to putt more accurately using the technique you’ve already practiced.

Edwin Watts Golf


However, if you’re shooting rounds in the high 80s to 100s, you might want to try the Odyssey mallet putter and see if that helps improve your putting performance.  Mallet putters such as the Odyssey White Hot Pro Series D.A.R.T putter have a higher MOI (moment of inertia) than blade putters.  The increased weight means that if you mis-hit a putt on the heel or toe, the putter will twist less and the ball will keep more to the line you intend.  At the very least, a mallet putter should help you improve your lag putting.  As you find that you’re getting the ball closer to the hole on your first putt, the advantage of accuracy will be compounded on your second putt.

Of the Odyssey White Hot Pro #1 (blade putter), the reviewers at Golf Digest said:

“Our testers rated the White Hot Pro as their favorite blade. Goes to show that the technical benefits of a good face insert don’t have to come at the cost of feel.

When commenting on the overall performance of the Odyssey White Hot Pro Series D.A.R.T. (mallet putter), one of Golf Digest’s testers summed it up thus:

“For reliability, look no further. Consistent feel and sound, alignment is true, and everything about this putter is simple and clean.”

Among many positive user reviews for the Odyssey White Hot Pro D.A.R.T. putter, I think this quote from an 11 handicap golfer pretty well sums up the general opinion:

“Read in Golf Digest that the White Hot Pro blades were the best-rated putter.  They have excellent feel and great weight.  I had an old White Hot from 2009 and all my friends wanted it because they liked the way it feels.  Well, this new White Hot is the clone to the old.  An excellent putter and excellent club.  Everyone should have one in their bag.”

So how about you?  Time to have one of the best putters in your bag?

Today is Father’s Day.  It’s also the day of the final round of the 2013 U.S. Open.  Given the current leaderboard, at least 8 players have a good chance to win.  One thing is certain:  whoever takes it will have to make at least one, and probably several, pressure putts.

But that’s what golfers have had to do for hundreds of years.  Hit well, dads and guys.

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