Friday Pic to Make You Smile (24)

The relaxed reader below reminded me of all the dads who sometimes just want to be left in peace to read the paper (the sports or financial pages, which this cat is checking out).  Since Sunday is Father’s Day, maybe he’ll even get to do that…


Cat with glasses reading the paper


Then again, maybe not.  Because it’s so easy to pester dads when they sit down.

When compared to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day can sometimes seem to be an afterthought.  I don’t know why — maybe because we don’t get to be around them as much as we get to be around mothers.  But that’s not right, man.  We have two parents and fathers are half of them!

This week, I’ve done a number of posts about opportunities to secure cool Father’s Day gifts.  And, you know, if for some reason you haven’t quite gotten around to it, it’s not too late…

There was the post about one of the most impressive Father’s Day gifts — a new set of golf clubs.  Or an individual club to help him make the most important shot in golf (on the other hand, he will weep with joy if you help him improve his game with new irons).  There were reviews of beer and cufflinks (two important items in the manly pantheon of stuff we like).  And, to go with his beer, a new grill for barbecuing brats.  To help him keep cool while standing around grilling in summertime heat, Timberland Earthkeepers sandals.

But no reason to stop there…   If you want a dozen more cool and unusual gift ideas for this upcoming (and only) day when we devote attention to the contributions of fathers, here is an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink post (I don’t think I included kitchen sinks) that has everything from Bond films to steak to cologne.

Happy Dad’s Day, cats.



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