5 Reasons to Get a Nook HD Plus Tablet Now

The Nook HD Plus (Nook HD+) is a highly-rated tablet computer made by Barnes and Noble that you can use for reading books and magazines, email, browsing the Web, watching movies and TV, accessing your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), listening to music, playing games, watching YouTube videos, and running apps from Google Play.

This week culminates in Father’s Day and that’s certainly one of the reasons to get a Nook HD+ this week — to give your dad a very nice gift.  And I’m sure he’d like it.  But that’s not one of my 5 reasons to get a Nook HD Plus now.  (Not that I’m not all in favor of Father’s Day, I am.)  My 5 reasons, aside from dad, are:

1.  The Nook HD+ is currently discounted to the ridiculously low price of $149.  That’s $120 off the regular price!   The $149 sale price is for the 16GB version (the 32GB model is just $179.)  That’s an incredible discount for a device that Consumer Reports rated number two among specialty reading and entertainment tablets and CNET called “a fantastic tablet value” at the regular price of $269!  I know I’m using a lot of exclamation points, but I mean, jeez!  $149!  (I know the big discount was first inspired by Father’s Day gift-giving, so we have dad to thank for that, too.  Along with, you know, being alive.)  This is probably the best electronics deal of the year so far.

2.  Now is the time to get into summer reading.  It’s already June 14, guys.  I mean, have you gotten your copy of Inferno yet?  Not to mention It’s Time by Bruce Buffer and Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen.  You’re hitting the beach soon for some relaxation, right?  Get the entertaining books mentioned here and other summertime reads as Nook books for less.  Or access free library e-books.   (Not only can you save on the Nook HD+ now, you can save on the price of books for the rest of your life.)

The Nook HD+ is a highly-rated tablet for reading e-books, watching movies, browsing the Web, and more.  Get it this week for the lowest price ever, $149, by clicking here.

Get the recommended Nook HD+ for the low price of $149 this week. Click here.

3.  The sooner you get your Nook HD Plus, the sooner you can join a local book club and meet new people to discuss the awesome books you’re reading.  I mean, you know, chicks.  Why wouldn’t you have joined a book club before this?  Because with your new Nook tablet e-reader, your enthusiasm for literature will be re-kindled.  Oh, hm, bad choice of words.  …your enthusiasm for literature will be renewed.

4.  As I mentioned, the Nook HD+ was rated the number two reading and entertainment tablet by Consumer Reports and is a recommended buy. But that evaluation was done before Barnes & Noble added the Google Play service last month.  So, now that you have access to hundreds of thousands of Google apps with the Nook HD Plus, there’s even more incentive to ignore the number one rated e-reader (oh, wait, the number one dedicated e-reader is the Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light) — that is, ignore the number one rated specialty media tablet — and go with the Nook HD+.  I won’t mention what that slightly higher-rated tablet is.  But, you know, Amazon’s management are kind of dicks sometimes.  So, going with the Nook HD+ is better for your reader karma.  Because Barnes & Noble is a real bookstore — the last remaining bookstore chain in America.  And if your town doesn’t have a surviving independent bookseller and Barnes and Noble is the only bookstore you have and you don’t want to browse for books at Wal-Mart, then you should vote with your dollars for Barnes & Noble by getting a Nook HD Plus.  Which will not only improve your karma as a reader, it will contribute to Barnes and Noble’s bottom line.  And, you know, diversity is a desirable thing.  Plus you have access to more content with Barnes & Noble.

Nook HD+ is also cooler than Kindle Fire.  It’s sort of like comparing Apple computers to PC computers 20 years ago.  Apple computers were better — faster, more reliable, with advanced hardware and more innovative features.  But PCs sold in larger numbers because they were cheaper and, once hooked on Windows, people stuck with it, even though it sucked compared to Apple’s OS.  The hardware and software in a Nook HD+ is good — fast processor, plenty of RAM, microSD card for extra storage, a gorgeous 9″ high-def screen (that is used edge-to-edge, unlike, well, you know), HDMI connector, and a user-friendly interface.  The reviews for the Nook HD are quite positive.  People tend to be very happy with their Nook tablets when they buy them.  So why aren’t they selling more?  Because people often have a “PC” mentality.  But the insanely low price right now provides excellent incentive to find out how good this tablet is.  Heck, now that it’s offering Google Play, people are talking about the Nook HD+ as a serious competitor to the iPad.  Hey!  Cooler than Apple!

5.  Get it because you can.  Sometimes a good enough reason to do something is because you can.


Barnes & Noble


And…  Okay, okay.  Get it for your dad.  Because your dad appreciates cool tech as much as a regular person.

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