Beer Gifts for Dad

You know what your dad would like for Father’s Day?  Beer.  Craft beer.  Microbrews.  Small-production ales, lagers, and stouts.  Something new in the beer-line every month.

That’s what the Craft Beer Club is all about.  When it comes to gifts for guys, an assortment of 12 or 24 special craft bottles (or cans) of beer delivered every month ranks right up there with a lifetime supply of buffalo jerky or tickets to an Eagles concert.  Only better.  Because the beer changes every single month and the Eagles perform mostly their classics.

The Craft Beer Club has been doing this awhile — curating selections of the best beers from microbreweries across America — so you can be confident that every month your gift recipient — your dad — is going to be tasting some outstanding, small-batch brews.  The Craft Beer Club also provides a well-written newsletter that describes each beer they select, plus gives details about the brewery where it originated.

How membership in Craft Beer Club works

The way a gift membership works is this:  you choose the amount your dad will receive each month, either 12 or 24 containers of craft beer.  You can give a gift of just one month of beer, or anything up to a full 1-year membership.  For 12 bottles a month, the cost is $37.75.  Shipping is free.  Each month, four different small-batch microbrews will be included in the shipment — that is, 3 12-oz. bottles of four different styles of beer (or, for the 24-per-month option, 6 bottles of four different styles).  The shipping schedule can be monthly, every other month, or quarterly.  You can be billed monthly or pay in advance (you save $25 off if you get a 12-month membership and pay in advance).  The membership can be canceled at any time with no penalty.

It’s pretty darn simple.  The Craft Beer Club makes it convenient to sample new, high-quality, small-production microbrews throughout the year.  If your dad finds a particular lager, pilsner, or stout he enjoys, he can even order more as long as Craft Beer Club still has it in inventory.

Father’s Day Special — $5 off

And right now, for Father’s Day, you can get $5 off a gift order of an ongoing membership or an order of at least 3 months of beer shipments pre-paid.  Use promo code “Beer4Dad” during checkout.  If you get a year-long membership, the $5 will be added to the $25 discount.  This deal is only available until June 30, 2013 (because, you know, Father’s Day is this month).

And that’s not all.  Depending on what you order, your gift recipient will also receive up to 3 free gifts with the first shipment — a high-quality bottle opener, a selection of gourmet roasted nuts, and/or a set of 4 beer-tasting glasses.

Beer gifts for dad are one of the better ideas for Father's Day gifts.  Get craft beer from microbreweries throughout the United States from Craft Beer Club.

Take a moment to consider all those benefits.  And then answer the following multiple-choice question:  The best gifts for men are:  a) beer; b) ongoing; c) varied; d) high-quality; e) beer; f) all of the above.

Go with a Father’s Day gift idea of a Craft Beer Club membership for your dad and note the level of respect and awe it will inspire.

Examples of recent brews from Craft Beer Club

As an example of the quality and types of beer that will be included in these beer gifts, here are some of the brews that have been sent in recent Craft Beer Club shipments:

  • Cornstalker Dark Wheat Ale and Cropduster Indian Pale Ale from Thunderhead Brewing Company, Nebraska
  • Rail Yard Ale and Silverback Pale Ale from Wynkoop Brewing Company, Colorado
  • Hopalicious American Pale Ale and Bedlam IPA from Ale Asylum, Wisconsin
  • Railbender Ale and Derailed Black Cherry Ale from Erie Brewing Company, Pennsylvania
  • Rusty Chain Amber Ale and Buffalo Kolsch 716 from Flying Bison Brewing Company, New York
  • Evil Eye PA and FORSAKEN APA from Evil Genius Beer Company, Pennsylvania

That’s just a taste of what your dad — or you, if this is whetting your beer appetite — can look forward to in shipments from Craft Beer Club each month (or every other month or quarterly).

No better time than the present to step into the world of craft beers.  Along with it being a good idea for Father’s Day, you can also learn a lot about beer from the Craft Beer Club website, and get recipes and food recommendations from them for meals to go with the beer.

There are only a few days left until Father’s Day, but this is a gift idea whose cap you can pop right up until this Sunday or until the end of June if you want to take advantage of the $5-off deal mentioned above.  Place your order for the gift membership and the Craft Beer Club will notify your dad that it’s a gift.  Meanwhile, you can give him a card describing what he has to look forward to, beer-wise.

An ongoing gift of gourmet-quality beer…  Nothing better.  You’re a good son, man. Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 300x250 banner

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