Consumer Reports Rates the Weber Spirit SP-320 Gas Grill Number One

In its testing and review of over 100 gas grills, Consumer Reports made the medium-sized Weber Spirit SP-320 gas grill its top-rated choice.  Not only did it outpoint the next grill on the list when it came to performance, at $600 the Weber costs half as much as the second-place grill (Vermont Castings Signature Series).

So if you’re searching among gas grills for the best one to deliciously cook meat and make all your backyard BBQs a success this summer, the Weber Spirit SP-320 is the one to rely on when it comes to overall quality and bang for your buck.

The Weber Spirit SP-320 has 3 stainless steel burners and stainless steel cooking grates that provide 529 square inches of cooking area.  It cooks using liquid propane gas.

In its testing of gas grills, Consumer Reports looks for four important features that a top-rated grill should have:

  1. An electronic igniter (easier to use and generally more reliable than a rotary or push-button starter)
  2. A fuel gauge showing how much propane is left (prevents those awkward flameouts in the middle of, say, cooking burgers and brats for 10 guests)
  3. A long-term burner warranty (10 years or more; burners are the part most often replaced on a gas grill)
  4. High-quality grills (either durable stainless steel  or coated cast-iron)

Another desirable trait, of course, is good construction and thoughtful design, which can be indicated by such touches as the grill having rounded edges and corners (making it easier to maneuver and safer when kids are running around) and side shelves that can support heavy pots or large cuts of meat.

Among all gas grills tested by Consumer Reports, the Weber Spirit SP-320 gas grill was rated number one when considering quality, performance, and cost.  Click to get it from Abt Electronics.

Click to see full spec’s and purchase the top-rated Weber Spirit SP-320 gas grill from Abt Electronics while it’s still available.

Consumer Reports might just as well have gone down the list of specifications for this Weber Spirit grill and made them their chief criteria, because the Spirit SP-320 gas grill has all of the features listed above and more.

Weber has a well-deserved reputation for quality construction of all its grills.  There’s a reason the name Weber has become synonymous with grilling over the decades:  their grills perform well.  Weber has been perfecting their grills and adding practical innovations (Flavorizer bars, built-in charcoal buckets, illuminated grilling surfaces for grilling at night, etc.) since the 1950s.

In the summary of their review of the Weber Spirit SP-320 gas grill, the testers at Consumer Reports stated:

The top-rated Weber Spirit SP-320  and Weber Spirit E-220 preheated quickly and evenly, and were superb at high- and low-temperature evenness.  And they were fine at indirect cooking, a delicious way to slow-cook ribs, roasts, and whole poultry by placing the food next to the fire, not over it.

Customer reviews for Weber grills and for the Weber Spirit SP-320 gas grill in particular run overwhelmingly positive, with appreciative comments made about the quality of construction, the effectiveness and power of the burners, and the handy added features, such as the warming rack and the temperature gauge.

Though somewhat more expensive than run-of-the-mill mid-sized gas grills, the Weber Spirit SP-320 is built to last.  Its array of thoughtful features and reliable performance means that all your summer grilling experiences will prove to be satisfying, rather than frustrating, time-consuming, and less than tasty.

Since the number one rating of the Weber Spirit SP-320 was published by Consumer Reports, Weber has upgraded its Spirit line of gas grills and the improved version of the SP-320 is the E-320.  This grill has added a side burner and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates to the original SP-320 specs and the price is comparable.

It is getting somewhat difficult to find retailers that still carry the Weber Spirit SP-320, but one of the best online stores that still has it is Abt Electronics.  You can get the top-rated Weber Spirit SP-320 gas grill from Abt Electronics by clicking here.  Abt Electronics is a Google-Trusted store and, over the years, just like Weber, has built a trusted reputation for good customer service.  Abt Electronics is also an authorized Weber dealer.

Below is a video that highlights and explains the features of Weber’s gas grill cooking system.

Don’t leave the fate of your summer barbecuing to the inconsistency of lesser-quality grills — get the top-rated Weber Spirit SP-320 (or one of the other outstanding Weber grills) and enjoy tasty BBQ for years to come.



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