Unique Cufflinks Make One of the Best Gift Ideas for Dad

When it comes to gift ideas for dad, you don’t want to get something run-of-the-mill (even though many dads receive exactly that on Father’s Day, more’s the pity).  Whether he lets on about it or not, your dad appreciates creativity and personal style as much as anyone.  He might not articulate it a lot (he’s made a lot of sacrifices for you over the years, so he’s become a bit used to self-effacement), but the best gifts for him will show that you understand his personality and interests, his appreciation for out-of-the-ordinary things, and awareness that he enjoys expressing a sense of style from time to time.

That’s where Swagger & Swoon comes in.

Swagger & Swoon has been getting a lot of good press lately.  The UK purveyor of stylish accessories for men has received positive write-ups  in Fabulous magazine, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, Look Magazine, InStyle, Wedding Magazine, and many more.

Why is that important?  Because it indicates they know a thing or two about cutting-edge style for men.  When it comes to good sources for online fashion, Swagger & Swoon has made a name for themselves in the area of men’s accessories — ties, cravats, belts, braces, handkerchiefs, socks, wallets, and much more.  Including cufflinks.  Especially cufflinks.  Their cufflinks for men are interesting, unusual, creative, cool, and definitely out-of-the-ordinary.

Swagger and Swoon

To sum up:  the best gift for your dad will show you understand him and his style, it won’t be run-of-the-mill, and it will be interesting and fun.

Cufflinks from Swagger & Swoon?  Check. 

Especially for Father’s Day in the United States, a set of unique cufflinks from Swagger & Swoon will be something he’ll appreciate — after all, how many dads receive stylish accessories flown over the Atlantic from the UK?  Fortunately, your dad has enough style that he still likes wearing cufflinks and will appreciate having cufflinks that show a bit of self-expression.   Not just some generic black onyx studs.

You guys in the UK have already heard of Swagger & Swoon, so you know what I’m talking about.  It probably has already occurred to you to shop there for gifts for your dad.


Swagger & Swoon carries a large selection of stylish cufflinks for men.  Unique cufflinks are one of the better gift ideas for dad.

Silver iPhone Cufflinks from Swagger & Swoon

How about Silver iPhone Cufflinks.  Boxed as an elegant gift presentation right there at Swagger & Swoon in Dartford, Kent.









Men who appreciate style will appreciate these quirky, interesting cufflinks from Swagger and Swoon -- cufflinks in the shape of the classic yellow camper van.

Yellow Van Cufflinks from Swagger & Swoon would make a good gift for your dad.

How about Yellow Volkswagon Van Cufflinks (or “Camper Van,” as they’re designated)?  Your dad was a hippy once, you know.  Or an adventurous vagabond.  Might still be, at heart.









Good gifts for a dad who is musical would include these stylish treble cleff cufflinks at Swagger & Swoon.

Treble Cleff Cufflinks for a musician or music-lover — among other music-themed cufflinks available at Swagger & Swoon.

How about Treble Cleff Cufflinks?  Just the thing for your dad’s weekend gigs when he has to wear a tux — or for whenever he feels like expressing his love for music.







 I hope you’re starting to get the idea that you can find some fun, unique cufflinks at Swagger & Swoon that will be one of the better gifts your dad has received for Father’s Day.  Even if you think none of the ones I’ve mentioned are quite your cup of tea, Swagger & Swoon carries about 100 more styles of men’s cufflinks (including, yes, more formal black crystal cufflinks), such as:  sports cufflinks, Superman cufflinks, cufflinks for lawyers, cufflinks for farmers, beer cufflinks, teeth cufflinks, playing card cufflinks, and Rubiks Cube cufflinks.

I’m sure you can find something.  Don’t worry about shipping costs from the UK to the U.S. — it’s quite reasonable, based on weight of the item (for example, for cufflinks anywhere in the world outside the UK, £3.95), and arrives via either FedEx or Royal Mail.  Even better, in Great Britain shipping is free for most orders.

Swagger & Swoon customer service is among the best

Swagger & Swoon is known not just for offering a vast selection of stylish accessories for men, they’re also recognized for outstanding customer service.  They stand behind their products and work hard to make sure you are satisfied.  So much so that they’ve received the Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award for Best Customer Experience and are rated 4.8 out of 5 in Google shopping reviews.  Oh, and the Shopzilla Platinum Award for Best Customer Experience.

If you have any questions, you can chat them up directly on their website.

So, when it comes to gift ideas for dad, and you happen to think, “Hey, maybe I could find some cool cufflinks for men somewhere,” the answer is Swagger & Swoon.  Over all, their stuff is so good your dad would even like one of their ties.

Oh, by the way — if you’re outside the UK and you order a gift for your dad and think it might not make it by Father’s Day, just give him a nice card on that day and let him know something worth waiting for is on the way.  He’ll be skeptical.  Which will make it that much better when you hand him his cufflinks in their stylish presentation box, all the way from England.  Brilliant.

Swagger and Swoon

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