Friday Pic to Make You Smile (23)

I’ve been in a golfing sort of mood this week so let’s continue in that vein with today’s Friday pic to make you smile…


Beatriz Recari is not only nice to look at, she plays a sweet game of golf.  Beatriz uses TaylorMade golf equipment -- which makes sense, since it's some of the best.

Beatriz Recari, professional golfer and model.

That is Beatriz Recari.  Not only does she look like that, she’s made over $1,000,000 playing golf on the ladies professional tour.

That’s sort of hot.

If you’ve been reading my previous posts on golf this week, you might wonder what kind of equipment she uses.  Well, notwithstanding the photo (which was taken awhile ago), it’s all TaylorMade. 

In fact, she uses the TaylorMade R1 driver, which I just wrote a review about.

With her TaylorMade clubs, she won the Kia Classic golf tournament in March. 

Anyway, if you play golf, be sure to pick up some adidas/TaylorMade golf equipment (see link below for adidas golf).  Not only does it work well, when you’re wearing it or using it on the course, if you happen to run into Beatriz Recari, you’ll have something in common. 

What you make of that opportunity is up to you.

TGIF!  (Hit the links this weekend, man, should be nice.)


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