The Best Father’s Day Gift for a Golfer: A New Set of Golf Clubs

So, maybe you’ve been on a roll lately and, as we approach Father’s Day, it’s occurred to you how much your dad has meant to your success and your ability to get what you want out of life.  After all, if it hadn’t been for your father _______  (fill in the blank).

Whatever the reason, you’ve been thinking that this is the year you especially want to let your father know how much you appreciate him and what he’s done for you.  You want to make it a memorable Father’s Day for him.

Of course, telling him how important he is to you is the main thing and will mean the most to him.  But I know that since you’re now more successful, you think a really cool gift would be the icing on the cake.

A special gift on Father’s Day is an even bigger surprise than something impressive that you give him for his birthday or Christmas.

The question is:  what to get?

Well, what does he enjoy doing more than anything else when he has some free time?  What is he sort of obsessed with now — actually, has been for quite awhile?  What is he looking forward to doing more of when he eventually retires?

That’s right:  playing golf.

If your father is an avid golfer, the best gift to get him for Father's Day would be a new set of golf clubs -- the best clubs you can afford.

What do you think your father would like for Father’s Day? (Photo: Chris Malacarne)

Why do so many intelligent, high-achieving men enjoy golf?  In a nutshell, it’s a great, multifaceted game.  It’s endlessly challenging — something no one ever fully masters, yet capable of being enjoyed by many levels of players.  It demands a unique set of physical and mental capabilities to play well.  It’s fun.  It’s competitive, both with yourself and with friends.  It gets you outdoors in all kinds of weather (if you’re a dedicated player) in various beautiful settings.  It’s got a lot of history, as well as associated arcane lore and knowledge.  And it involves using cool equipment that is always changing and improving.

Men have invented few pastimes more interesting than golf.

For all those reasons and more, your dad likes to play.  He also finds it companionable.  Heck, maybe he even tried to teach you.  You know he’s devoted to improving his game.  Bottom line, there would be no better gift for him for Father’s Day than a new set of golf clubs.

What Golf Clubs to Get and Where to Get Them

Golf Digest is one source of information on the latest and greatest golf equipment that is up to date and complete.  Their testers manage to keep abreast of most of the important developments when it comes to the performance of new golf clubs, as well as which brands are worth paying attention to.  For 2013, their “Hot List” of the best clubs — drivers, fairway woods, hybrid clubs, irons, wedges, and putters — include such brands as TaylorMade, Ping, Cobra, Titleist, Adams, Callaway, Mizuno, Cleveland, and Odyssey.  Nike clubs are popular, too, since both Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy use them. From drivers to putters, you really can’t go wrong with clubs from any of those manufacturers. 

There are two approaches to getting golf clubs for your father for Father’s Day.  One is to know what he’s been coveting when it comes to new gear, either because he talks about it or you know which brand he prefers (for example, you know he’s devoted to Ping drivers).  Or you could simply ask him, casually, what he would want if he could have any new golf club or set of clubs.  Two is to get him a gift card to a good golf shop in an amount that would cover a new set of clubs and let him choose his own set.  (For a set of clubs from the top brands, a gift card amount that would cover it would be about $1,800.  The main variable when it comes to expense is the cost of the irons — whether he would prefer a set of game-improvement irons or tour-level irons.) Now, how about where to buy the best golf clubs?  

I recommend two online stores for buying golf equipment.  One is TaylorMade Golf, the other is Edwin Watts Golf (Edwin Watts Golf also has brick-and-mortar stores).

Advantages to Buying Golf Clubs Online

What are the advantages to buying golf equipment, particularly golf clubs, online?  One is price.  Online pricing is often lower than what you will find at your local pro shop — often 10% less — especially with free shipping offers, price-matching, and no sales tax.  Two is selection.  Good online golf shops can easily carry a much larger inventory than a brick-and-mortar sporting goods store or local golf shop (if your town even has one), especially when it comes to a variety of sizes of apparel and the current hottest equipment.   You can also find expertise available at online golf retailers such as TaylorMade Golf and Edwin Watts Golf — either by phone, chat, or email — that you might not find locally; they can answer any questions you have about the equipment in which you’re interested.  The best online golf stores also stand behind their products and will help resolve problems if you ever have any.

First, TaylorMade Golf has gathered many loyal customers over the years.  If you read through online forums where golfers discuss equipment recommendations and purchases, you will frequently find TaylorMade Golf mentioned as a brand golfers trust.  When it comes to clubs, no brand has a better reputation. TaylorMade offers a number of customization options for their clubs as well.

Edwin Watts Golf is one of the most well-known names in golf equipment retailing.  In fact, in their recent rating of sport-specific sporting goods stores, Consumer Reports rated Edwin Watts Golf the number one store among all specialty sporting goods retailers that have multiple stores (based on a survey of 26,000 readers).  In other words, you won’t find a much better golf store right now than Edwin Watts Golf.

So, shop the websites of both TaylorMade Golf and Edwin Watts Golf and see current discount offers and pricing on the golf clubs you want, or any other type of golf equipment.  If you have a question, ask them.  Check the customer testimonials.  You’ll probably find yourself gravitating to one or the other.  Both would be happy to earn your business.

Here’s a direct link to the Gift Certificates page at

I’ll be writing additional posts about particular top-rated golf clubs in the next few days.  For example, you can click here to see a review of the best golf driver for 2013 and take a look at the top-performing irons.

Below are links to current deals and special offers from each of the two online golf shops recommended here, especially for Father’s Day.  Both have special Father’s Day gift suggestion sections on their websites, too:


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