Friday Pic to Make You Smile (22)

Not only is it Friday, which is a good thing in itself, it’s an out-of-the-ordinary Friday in Denver.  Why?  Because the Denver Comic Con starts today!

Are you already there?

Even if you’re not, today’s Friday pic to make you smile is right in line with that event…


Comic book fans of all ages will be enjoying the Comic Con this weekend -- and looking forward to the major Comic Con in San Diego coming later this summer.  In the meantime, enjoy this photo of a comic book fan.


She’s a comic book fan you might enjoy meeting. 

There are other ways to get your comic book fandom on.  Have you heard of Entertainment Earth?  They are the masters of the universe when it comes to all things comic-related — along with movies, TV shows, games, toys, anime, memorabilia, collectibles, action figures, and more.

And when I say action figures, I mean, well, figures


Power Girl is one of the sexiest comic book superheroes (superheroines?) and this high-quality statue of this star of DC Comics can be ordered from Entertainment Earth.

Detail of statue of Power Girl available from Entertainment Earth by clicking here.


That’s Power Girl — a high-quality statue of Kara Zor-L, caught in full action pose and standing 9 inches tall on an exclusive display base.  This figure of one of the most popular female characters in all of comics will be available from Entertainment Earth in July, 2013 (but she can be pre-ordered now). 

And this collectible figure is just one of dozens of comic book heroes and action figures you can get in all their 3-dimenstional glory from Entertainment Earth, along with tens of thousands of other comic-book-related items.

If you’re even a little bit of a comic book or superhero geek, you should see what Entertainment Earth has to offer.  From the Avengers to Doctor Who, they literally have something for everyone.

Including the girl in the photo above.  TGIF!

Entertainment Earth


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