Friday Pic to Make You Smile (21)

You’re no doubt aware that Memorial Day is coming up.  In fact, you might have already left work to get a head-start on the 3-day weekend.

Nothing like a 3-day weekend, man — especially this one, jump-starting summer.

But we shouldn’t forget the significance of the holiday, either, so that’s why the following Friday pic to make you smile has a military theme…

Not only is this a hot pic for Friday, it goes with the theme of Memorial Day -- the Hot Shots Calendar benefits servicemen and women and features models such as Holly Peers and India Reynolds.

A shot from the Hot Shots 2013 Calendar. Sales of this calendar benefit “Help for Heroes.”

This is a photo from the 2013 Hot Shots Calendar, which has become an annual project created by the Edgar Brothers Police & Military Division in England.  Half the proceeds from the Hot Shots Calendar go to the organization “Help for Heroes,” which raises money and awareness for injured servicemen and women.

High-powered weapons and sexy girls…  What more could you want in a calendar for your garage, weight room, or man-cave?  It features photos of models such as Holly Peers, India Reynolds, and Sam Cooke.

You can get the Hot Shots 2013 Calendar direct from England from CalendarClub UK.  (And it’s on sale now for a good price.)  They’ll ship it to you for £1 if you’re in Great Britain, and for not too much more if you’re anywhere else in the world, including the U.S.

TGIF.  Have a good Memorial Day!  (And if you have the inclination to become more warrior-like, see below.)



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