The Best Place to Get Ray-Ban Eyeglasses Online

When it comes to eyeglasses, no brand is more distinctive than Ray-Ban. 

Ray-Ban prescription glasses for men are fashion eyeglasses that have stood the test of time.  You can now buy them online and save money.

Iconic fashion often has its origin in gear and clothing used by the military, so it’s not surprising that Ray-Ban glasses were originally designed in 1937 for the U.S. Army Air Corps by Bausch & Lomb.  The Air Corps wanted sunglasses that would protect pilots’ eyes from the intense glare of the sun and also present a dashing appearance.  And thus, Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses (or “Aviators” as they came to be known) were born. 

Probably the first “celebrity” to be seen wearing Ray-Ban aviator shades in photos was General Douglas MacArthur during World War II.  The style quickly became a hit, not only with airmen, but with the general public. 

Many companies would be content to create one product that became globally popular, but over the years Ray-Ban seems to haveRisky Business was one of the first movies that helped the Ray-Ban Wayfarer style become famous. had a charmed approach to design.  The classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer style was created in 1952.  If you think about Wayfarers and the famous people who’ve worn them, you might recall Tom Cruise in Top Gun.  But 3 years earlier, Cruise first made Wayfarers famous in Risky Business.

The thing to remember is, Ray-Ban eyeglasses are not the most famous brand of glasses in the world because famous guys wear them; famous guys wear them because Ray-Bans look cool and work well.

The best products ideally balance form and function.

And that is true for Ray-Ban prescription glasses, as well.  Since their sunglasses became a hit, it is only natural that Ray-Ban now makes glasses frames that you can wear for your prescription glasses.

Online Prescription Glasses

Over the last several years, it has become popular to shop online for prescription glasses.  A number of companies have established themselves as economical alternatives to shopping for glasses at brick-and-mortar stores, where you almost always pay full retail price for fashion eyeglass frames.  These online retailers have not only succeeded when it comes to saving customers money, they have distinguished themselves with superior service.  (Otherwise, they would not have stuck around.)   A number of these online prescription glasses stores offer Ray-Ban frames, but there is one that is clearly the best source for Ray-Ban eyeglasses, when it comes to both price and selection:  FramesDirect.

FramesDirect not only has the largest selection of Ray-Ban prescription glasses and sunglasses (when compared to alternative retailers where you can buy eyeglasses online such as Coastal and GlassesUSA), they offer a price match guarantee, which means that if you find a lower price for glasses frames or sunglasses at one of their competitors within 14 days of placing your order, they will credit the difference to your purchase.

FramesDirect offers literally tens of thousands of brand and style choices when it comes to buying glasses online.  If you are a Ray-Ban fan, right now they are offering a choice of 76 different Ray-Ban frames for prescription glasses — and that’s just glasses for men.  For example, you can get the iconic Ray-Ban RX RX5121 Wayfarer frame style (pictured below) for $170 at FramesDirect.

An iconic and poular style of Ray-Ban eyeglasses are thse popular frames very suited to guys known as the RX5121 -- similar to Wayfarers.

Ray-Ban RX5121 Eyeglasses at FramesDirect offer the classic Ray-Ban shape in prescription glasses.


These RX5121 Ray-Ban frames are stylish and uncommon-looking — definitely setting the wearer apart from those who make do with generic prescription eyeglass frames.  They exude that classic Ray-Ban cool and thus are appropriate to wear in both casual and formal settings — that is, they will go with everything from board shorts and flip-flops to a tux.

But perhaps that style of Ray-Ban frame is not exactly your cup of tea.  Not to worry, Ray-Ban makes dozens of other styles of prescription eyeglass frames and FramesDirect carries most of them — definitely a selection that you can’t get in most stores.

You can get Ray-Ban eyeglasses in everything from an Aviator style to a light-weight rimless rectangular style to a nearly circular red frame to a style similar to their Clubmaster sunglasses.

All of them will look cool.  But you can see how they’ll look on you specifically by using the style guides at FramesDirect, including Sizing Help, their face shape guide, and their “Virtual Try-On” tool.  To use the Virtual Try-On tool, just upload a picture of yourself and you can try on glasses frames virtually on the FramesDirect site.  If you have questions, they offer Live Chat on their site with certified opticians.

Your purchase of glasses at FramesDirect comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an unconditional guarantee of the quality of the lenses.  Before you start shopping, have your glasses prescription handy (and no, a prescription for contacts won’t work for ordering eyeglasses) — though FramesDirect can actually contact your doctor if you’re not sure about some aspect of your prescription.

So, when it comes to glasses for men — whether prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, or non-prescription glasses — and especially when it comes to Ray-Ban eyeglasses, FramesDirect should have what you’re looking for at a good price, with customer service that has stood the test of time.

Just like Ray-Bans themselves.

Current Money-Saving Specials at FramesDirect

Now is a good time to be shopping online for prescription glasses at FramesDirect, too, because not only are they offering several money-saving deals on their site (click here to check them),  for Memorial Day you can save $15 off eyeglasses and sunglasses priced above $150 on their associated site — Armed Forces Eyewear — by using code 15MDAYAF.  Armed Forces Eyewear offers the same good pricing and selection as FramesDirect while particularly serving the needs of the U.S. military. 

In addition, FramesDirect is also currently offering free domestic shipping on orders over $99.

So, savings, selection, Ray-Ban (along with hundreds more fashion eyeglasses styles), and reliable customer service equals the best place to buy Ray-Ban prescription glasses for men online.  Give FramesDirect a try.


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