Friday Pic to Make You Smile (20)

Here we’ve arrived at another Friday — and a lovely Friday it is, too.  It is currently 61° in San Francisco, CA and 85° in Richmond, VA.  

Here’s a photo to add another lovely element to the day…


Guys appreciate photos of women wearing minimal gear when they go dirt-bike riding -- like her.  A lovely lady for a lovely Friday.


This gal went out dirt-bike riding with minimal gear.  Not that I’m complaining.  But if she had wanted to gear up for her wilderness ride, what should she have done?

She could have shopped at Revzilla.

Keep that in mind the next time you need some gear for your off-road motorcycle-riding adventures.  About the only thing she has is boots (which is fine), but she could have gotten a helmet, goggles, a jacket, Fly trail-riding pants, gloves, and more at Revzilla.  And she would have looked almost as cool. 

Revzilla is your complete source for parts and gear for motorcycling.  If you ride something with two wheels and an engine, chances are you can get parts for it at Revzilla.  And equip yourself to ride safely and comfortably.  Since they carry several million items (perhaps the largest inventory on the Web), there’s a good chance that if you need something for your bike, they’ve got it.  And when it comes to customer service, they’ve got a rating of 9.85 on ResellerRatings.  Which indicates many happy customers.

You can be a happy customer, too, after you get your motor revved up and head off-road.  Heck, you never know when you might run into someone like her.



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