Bank Robbery Bear Guys’ T-shirt from Threadless

It’s been awhile since I’ve put up a recommended T-shirt design. I realized I must rectify that, since there are so many cool tees out there and you’ve got only so many days to wear them.

So many tees, so little time…

I mean, what if I missed letting you know about a tee that would make you look so cool that the supermodel you shared an elevator ride with would be all, like, “Ooo, I love your tee!”

And you’d be all, like, “Thanks.  I drew it myself.”

And her eyes would widen and she’d be, like, “Really?”

And you’d be all, “Yeah.  Well…no.  But I did… buy it myself.  And I was hoping someone on an elevator would like it.”

And then you would introduce yourself and get her number.  Because that’s how you roll when you’re wearing a cool and unusual T-shirt.

But unless I recommend a cool T-shirt, you can’t get one.  And then the preceding scenario would never happen.  Which would be sad.  So forthwith, I want to let you know about…

Add the Bank Robbery Bear men’s T-shirt to your collection.


The Bank Robbery Bear guy’s T-shirt from Threadless.

This humorous design shows the clever lengths a black bear will go to to rob a bank. (You know, no one ever suspects the panda.)  Click here to get the Bank Robbery Bear tee now from Threadless while supplies last.  This design was brought back by popular demand, so it will sell out fast.  Add it to your tee collection before that happens. And then get ready for opportunities.

Believe me, you will want to take advantage of the opportunities.


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