Friday Pic to Make You Smile (19)

What are you looking forward to doing this weekend?  Relaxing?  Maybe some reading?

I know… Hardly anyone reads anymore.  But that just makes you exceptional.

Just like her…

Reading is sexy, at least when this girl does it.  If you're looking for something to read this weekend, see below for a suggestion:  Dan Brown's "Inferno."

Reading is sexy, at least when she does it.



Of course, she’s exceptional in other ways, too, so that qualifies this pic for Friday.

Seriously, if you are planning on doing a bit of reading, what will you read?  Are you “between books?”

Dan Brown has figured out how to write some pretty entertaining novels and his new book, Inferno, comes out on Tuesday, May 14 (which happens to be my birthday), so you can pre-order it now from Barnes & Noble and they’ll ship it to you when it comes out.   (And please, order it from Barnes & Noble and support a real bookstore.)

You could be reading it by next weekend.

Meanwhile, TGIF!

One of the anticipated novels of 2013 is "Inferno," by Dan Brown, which comes out on May 14.  Click here and you can pre-order it from Barnes & Noble.

Click to order “Inferno” from Barnes & Noble, which is out May 14, 2013.



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